WHAT I EAT IN A DAY how I lose fat & gain muscle

 Today I thought I could film a what I eat in a day video I've just had my greens and I'm about to make breakfast before I go and train I'm going to do a full body kind of session today and I thought it could take you along throughout my day and also share some of my current favorite recipes I've been away last week and ate out for like three days and literally ate my way around Amsterdam I tried so many new restaurants and ate loads of stuff that 

 I don't always make at home so I felt a little bit kind of watery and more bloated so I've just been enjoying my home-cooked meals and getting back in track with my digestion shall we say my current goals at the moment are to maintain as much muscle mass whilst losing a little bit of fat so I'm mainly going for a higher protein meals and really prioritizing my protein intake because that's the one thing that I feel like if I'm ever away from home I can 

 Quickly neglect and that's what helps me stay the most like satisfied with my meals and also I just find it really helps with my overall body composition in the long game so we're going to make a chia pudding for breakfast I like to have something quite light before I go and train in the gym not like a huge breakfast just so that I don't feel like it's just right on my stomach as I'm training Mason and I are holding our first ever Fitness retreat in two days 

 Time so today I've got some planning to do for that I've just been doing that like this past couple of days organizing myself I am literally so excited it feels really surreal saying that out loud and I'm going to of course bring you along and I will Vlog the whole thing as well and show you what we get up to but yeah with that in mind as well I just want to make sure I'm super hydrated this next couple days because we've got quite a long flight as well so 

 I just like to make sure I do my little preparation before I go away this backdrop is absolutely dreamy I'm currently staying in an Airbnb I'm actually on my own Mason is in Manchester sorting some stuff out and I'm here because I will need to like go to and from the house if you didn't know it we're doing a renovation project that's taking flipping ages and I guess that's just how renovation projects go but I'm really actually quite enjoying 

 Staying in different airbnbs and getting so much home inspiration to make this chia pudding it's basically an instant cheer pudding because I don't know if you're anything like me but anything that's overnight I feel like I just never end up doing like whether it's overnight oats or overnight chia pudding I don't know what it is I know it takes two seconds the night before but I'm kind of like an instant kind of person like when I'm craving like a chia 

 Pudding or an overnight oats like you kind of want it there and then don't you so anyway I found this hack which is using hot water to activate the chia seeds not completely boiling scolding hot that it would smash glass but I boil the kettle about five or ten minutes ago so that should be because it's two tablespoons of chia seeds and then four tablespoons of hot water [Music] 

 Oh that was a little bit more it's actually thickened so quickly as well So Satisfied and then I'm just taking this great style fat free yogurt [Music] about 200 grams of yogurt and then for some added protein I'm taking 15 grams of vanilla isolate protein I'm using a bulk one and then give that a mix around tiny bit of cinnamon and a little drop of maple syrup and then just add 40 grams of blueberries 

 I'm using Frozen ones these are so much easier to keep if you feel like you find you just go through fruit and it goes off or let you go infusing it look at the color this is one of the nicest summery breakfasts ever and then take your glass or something nice to put it in [Music] and then I'm just going to mash up these strawberries here to make a little puree for the top 

 [Music] and then I'm just taking this little Oak crunch there it is perfect little summer breakfast packed with protein and so much fiber but yeah if you're looking for a new summary breakfast to try or if you find that you're not massively hungry first thing in the morning this feels super light and tasty it's rich in fiber cheesy they're so good because they're slow digesting so you're not going to get those blood sugar spikes or 

 Feel ravenous straight after something like this and they just help with that feeling of fullness as well as the added protein there's 37 can you glue in this tiny thing 37 grams of protein with the vanilla protein pad I'll leave a link down to the protein that I use that I use a book pure way isolated this was vanilla flavor and then I've just added some crunch I feel like anything that's like a yogurty consistency it always needs some form of crunch one other 

 Reason why I like tracking I don't track all the time like last week was out of the way I wasn't tracking I don't ever track on holidays or if life just gets really busy that I can't whip out a scale I'm not going to start taking like my scales in the car kind of thing but it's more so just to make sure that I'm getting enough protein and also eat it enough because I've found sometimes if I've done like a longer run where you burn nearly a thousand calories it's 

 Important to make sure you're eating enough on and fueling your body on those days rather than just eating your same old calories say if you were doing something a lot more lower intensity if that makes sense mm-hmm [Music] thank you [Music] gosh that was really good I actually made it I just did a circuit mainly of 

 The body focus and then I just did a little bit of color this is perfect today's where I want to be just getting out of the gym and Target literally every single body part not long at being back from the gym that was such a good session so like I said I did a 30 minute e-mom and just hit everybody part I still use quite a challenging weight so when I was doing those bent over rows I still use like a heavier weight if you give that a try you could always just 

 Drop the weight halfway through but make sure you really push yourself because I think it can be easy when you do a circuit or a hit to just go really lightweight when you're not really challenging yourself with that but I'm loving adding just a mixture of training at the moment it just keeps things so fresh and a bit more enjoyable I'm just gonna make some lunch in a second I also need to go over to a window place this afternoon to have a look at some windows 

 I've never felt more adult in my entire life but there's loads of different types of Windows and I feel like anything I like seems to be the most expensive thing at this point to make some lunch I I'm gonna have chicken chipolatas eggs sourdough avocado this is one of them meals I can just have them repeat I never get bored of it it's so satisfying like I feel like I'm someone like I have an appetite as in I can't just be having like itsy bitsy 

 Things I'm not a snacker I need like a proper meal foreign [Music] as well I can just tell I just got a feel to it [Music] thank you [Music] right we're gonna put avocado on half and then crosses cheese on the other because I just seem to be putting 

 Cottage cheese with everything at the minute this it just absolutely flaps foreign [Music] at the moment packed with protein we've got our veggies in there chicken chipalatas it just tastes Heavenly it's all kind of grown and we've got healthy fat from our avocado eggs with our protein and some omega-3 our carbs dreamy and then we've also got some tomatoes and spring onions 

 To be honest this is actually so much better presented than I normally do it like obviously make more of an effort I feel like presentation wise when I'm filming for YouTube because I feel like normally when I make stuff just day to day I just end up throwing it on a plate and don't really make it look as aesthetic and it makes it makes such a difference when it's actually laid out nicely you missed my egg Masterpiece my camera battery just died but the eggs 

 I've cooked thin to absolute perfection the trick is you start on a high heat and then you bring them down to like a three or four if you've got an induction hop and then you still get the runny fried egg and you don't need to flip them over so Mason and I when we're in Amsterdam the other day we're eating our food and I was like right I challenge you not to go like when you're eating and both of us must 

 Have done it like six times in this space of a meal it's actually really hard not to but yeah try cottage cheese on toast you won't be disappointed just got showered and changed in a very short space of time I can't decide if this looks a bit weird having shorts on underneath a coat but I'm going window shopping literally window shopping window and door I just need to test these windows basically before I place an order I never actually knew how 

 Pricey a window in a door can be I'm just taking an apple and an orange for snacks in the car you've always got to have snacks in the car if I'm out and about I'll just grab like a protein bar as well if I'm out for the afternoon kind of thing I've just gone with this active kind of I don't know what I'm going for here but I've put my headband on because I wanted to imagine to fit not making any sense but yeah I'm gonna run out the door now 

 Just got back I had a bit of an unsuccessful trip you know when you venture out really far and then I got stuck into traffic like it took me an hour and a bit there an hour and a bit back and then you're just like I could have probably just done all that over a phone call but I wanted to go and see the color of the windows and the door that I was thinking about picking but then I still haven't flipping confirmed it so it's done now isn't it there's no 

 Point dwelling on it I'm gonna make some dinner in a second it is I think it's about quarter to seven and I'm gonna finish off my steps I aim to get around 10K steps a day and I noticed such a difference when I don't get out and about walking like physically and mentally I just feel a little bit more watery and also I feel like I just have a bit of brain form you have not got out and just got some fresh air I also use that term as well to catch up on any 

 Little bits of work or listen to a podcast and just have a little stroll so that's an issue I think I've not got like that many steps left to do I thought I could show you around this place because I'm leaving here tomorrow and I mentioned this morning didn't I actually about my first ever Fitness treat it doesn't feel real like you know something I feel like I've manifested this because it's been in my journal for two years when I track it back this is 

 Something I have literally dreamed of so Mason and I are going to be like doing it together we're doing the fitness classes in the Maldives at this just unbelievable place can you cope I've just really just said that guys like little old me because I I just can't even saying that out loud that's like it's like being engaged as well I just I'm like wow but I just wanted to say this to you as well because little Olivia 15 year old Olivia 

 Who felt so lost had no purpose and I used to think God I really don't know what I want to do I don't know just didn't feel happy in my own life and then when I'm like 18 19 I just felt so so lost and if I could like go back to that person and just say you just need to have that inner self-belief you need to plant the seed every single day like you don't need to make a million steps forward in no time at all but it's just about every day doing something so small 

 That is going towards your bigger goal and it just compounds over time it starts with a thought and then your actions follow and also just like showing up yourself every day facing those fears and also facing those feelings of discomfort where there's days where you don't want to show up there's days where you don't know do you work out or where you don't want to get the work done but knowing how having the discipline and belief resilience to push 

 Your harder days is going to pay off also being present when you are working towards your bigger goals I think that's something else because I feel like sometimes I will get so busy that I feel like I've not lived in the actual moment make it any sense or if it's turned into a bit of ramble but that's just a lot of my thoughts at the minute I need to sort these nails out these are tomorrow's job I don't have time today mating a cold Cake snack if you've actually never 

 Tried a corn cake they just taste like popcorn I'm just gonna put some smooth almond butter Smooth Operator if you like that song's been trending lately on Tick Tock a little bit of banana I've already had a plain corn cake because I've been impatient I feel like you can't make dinner hungry I just don't think that's a good idea you've always got to have a snack beforehand so we're just gonna start making some 

 Turkey tacos these are so quick and easy to make I actually love turkey mince as well that's like a staple that I always pick up from the supermarket and it's really versatile you can even make like little turkey burgers which are quite nice just do a range of seasoning I've been liking these like taco flavored beans that I just mixing this hand is like all over the screen right now but yeah I'll show you I'm just gonna chop up some veggies first 

 Chopped up some spring onions this is to add on top of the tacos and I'm going to take some tomatoes and a little bit of parsley [Music] I'm speechless this is the coolest room I've ever seen I just let me just show you I can't even it's the little things guys so I just went to turn the oven on hang on and it basically flew like I'm not quite a fascinated 

 That is very that is something just added in my turkey mince this pan is just about big enough without it over spilling some Harissa garlic granules smoked paprika smoked one's just more of like a sweeter taste bit of onion granules crushed chilies and then I'm going to take these tortilla wraps spray these with some spray light on either side and then oh God Let's Fold it over to do 

 A bit hang them like so and then just they only take about like five minutes to crisp up then I'm adding in these Taco mix beans these are in a really nice tomato sauce they're not spicy at all just bring this down to a low heat [Music] okay so just assembled these tacos I'll probably pick at this and take some more but I couldn't actually fit much more in 

 These two it would be illegal not to have cottage cheese with these as well I have got some avocados rather I might put with it but I just wanted something quick and easy to make but yeah it could also have this tomorrow Mason would usually be here so it's unusual having anything left over to be honest but yeah these do look good if I do say so myself and you could do the exact same recipe with beef mince which is just as delicious but it's just it's got 

 Everything going on the crispiness the flavor right let's taste this season just making something a little bit sweet cheers this chocolate protein pudding and then I literally just pour it out into a bowl and add a little bit of Greek yogurt as well it's so nice I may have already had one of these this morning Greek yogurt oh my gosh I don't even want to look at 

 The time right now it's quarter past flipping 10. today's flown I also feel like because the days are so much lighter in the summer and it's just dreamy I feel like the days just feel so much longer and time just flies and because it gets dark at this time as well I feel like when it gets dark that I actually like to start chilling now oh my God this looks delicious you probably would see from all over there but I've just put on Netflix and I'm so glad I've 

 Actually made time to sit here because I can't really haven't I've been here a few days and haven't even sat on this sofa I've just put on the fast Saga F9 Fast and Furious oh God sat down for about 10 minutes there and I felt like I was just going to fall asleep on that note I'm going to wrap this video up here I'm going to go and jump in the shower and get into bed and hopefully I sleep better than I did last night like I literally must have 

 Slept a few hours and I didn't even want to check the time you know sometimes when you can't sleep when you get really wound up it was like one of them moves so I'm probably gonna put something really relaxing like I do actually like to watch something on TV because it just helps me zone out before I go to sleep I need to get back into reading actually I feel like I've just not been on my reading as much lately I think that he's changed my book I really hope you've 

 Enjoyed this video and I hope you've got some new inspo let me know if you give any of these recipes a try as always I'd just like to show you don't need to live a restrictive lifestyle when it comes to your nutrition and your fitness goals and goals in general eat the things you enjoy and find what works for you and your body type and yeah that is what I want to help you with let me know what you would like to see next in the upcoming videos and also let me know 

 What you think to do the weekly Vlogs at the moment I'm really enjoying filming those and it's nice I feel like we can just spend like a bit of time together each day when I do film those ones there's going to be a Maldives Vlog coming up next which I'm so excited about I've just been ordering some last minute bits for next day delivery but yeah let me know what you thought of this vid thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video.