SIMPLE and EASY Meal Prep Ideas for Women for Weight Loss

Hey there my friend it's Dr Anthony balduzzi and welcome to today's episode today we're going to be talking about some healthy meal prep ideas that are great for weight loss so if you're someone out there and you want to reduce your body weight you want to lose some fat then you probably know nutrition is the key and when it comes to nutrition the key is actually making it simple so you can actually follow through and be 

 Consistent because we all know it doesn't really help to go on some fad diet and be on a rigid plan and then to fall off track and regain all the weight so what I want to do today is bring you into my kitchen and run through some of my favorite go-to foods go-to meals that are great for weight loss energy and even muscle building quite frankly and the way we're going to structure this particular episode is I'm going to bring you through some breakfast ideas some 

 Lunch ideas some healthy snack ideas and some dinner ideas and I'm going to be asking you some reflection questions as we go through to get you thinking about what are the foods that you can incorporate into your routine to make this really practical I know you're going to learn a ton so you could have some pen and paper take some notes and let's dive on in [Music] all right so let's get into today's 

 Episode on some healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss and I want to run through a whole entire day because I think it makes sense to think about how we go through a day the first thing I think I want you to think about when you wake up in the morning before we talk about food is you need to rehydrate your body and this means you get 20 to 32 ounces of high quality water and when I say high quality water ideally it's water that's nice and filtered and you 

 Can add in a pinch of some pink Himalayan sea salt or some minerals and you drink that within 30 minutes of getting up our bodies need water to get that energy production going and I want you to get water before you have coffee or any other kind of food now you may have heard the buzz around intermittent fasting the idea that you don't necessarily need to eat in the morning and that's true and I want to say I'm a big proponent of doing things like 

 Fasting if it works in your schedule but I still want to talk about breakfast because whether or not you have breakfast at let's just say six seven eight o'clock or if you shift that first meal back to around 10 11 12 this is still going to be relevant and I think when it comes to breakfast and starting off your day you need to make breakfast super simple and here are a couple meals that I absolutely love one of my favorite go-to breakfasts that actually 

 Doesn't require a lot of meal prep is making a high quality protein shake all you need is a blender you need a high quality protein powder so this is our fit father version of super fuel it's a whey protein powder we also have plant-based versions but you want to get a protein powder that has around 20 to 25 grams of protein per scoop and it's low in sugar and ideally has some other good nutrients in it like probiotics vitamins and minerals like ours but you 

 Throw about a scoop of scoop and a half of protein you can throw in some chia seeds and hemp seeds maybe about one to two tablespoons of that a little bit of almond milk or dairy milk if you like that some wild frozen berries and you can blend up a delicious Shake and one of the reasons that protein shakes are so good in the morning is because they take a little bit of time like like five minutes they keep you very full they don't have a lot of digestive stress and 

 You can be so consistent with it so if you're a busy parent and you're running around prepping your kids for the day getting ready to go out to work you can blend up a shake and get amazing nutrition you don't need to think about it it's automatic so I'm a huge fan of protein shakes and have you ever joined any of our fit father or fit mother programs we give you a bunch of different shake recipes and smoothie recipes using some great ingredients 

 They're super delicious and it kind of becomes addictive because you have such a good routine now another thing that's easy for breakfast is making an egg recipe so I have a couple options here and I'll show you this a little bit closer on screen but I just took some three eggs and these are high quality eggs you can see the yolk it's kind of orangish and these are sunny side up I just put them a little butter in a pan and I fried these things up I put it on 

 A side of some sprouted micro greens and I had some leftover green beans from the night before and I have a little piece of Ezekiel bread toast so this meal doesn't take very long to make I mean just making some eggs up it takes like five minutes to make something like this eggs are a phenomenal phenomenal breakfast food they're high in protein high in healthy fats high in the choline that fuels your brain so when I'm thinking about healthy breakfast it's 

 Either a shake or some eggs or the final option I recommend for you is making something like an overnight oatmeal and this is great for you if you're following more of a plant-based vegan vegetarian style lifestyle what you can do is get some organic rolled oats you can throw it in a little mason jar overnight with some hemp seeds some chia seeds some almond milk and just let that soak in the morning you have this delicious oatmeal that's rich in all 

 These vitamins minerals fiber and protein you can throw a scoop of some peanut butter on there and you have a nice simple quick and easy meal the main thing I want you to say right now and think about is breakfast needs to be standardized I want you to think pick one or two go-to options and nail it every single day because what happens is when you're consistent with breakfast it means you're going to carry that momentum on into lunch snack and dinner 

 And this whole wheel of positive momentum churns in your life so shakes eggs overnight oatmeal or even leftovers from dinner the night before are great breakfast options now in between breakfast and lunch I want you to just focus on hydrating don't snack allow your body to have eaten the foods digest stabilize the blood sugar now around let's just say four or five hours later you might be going for lunch now how can we make 

 Lunch more simple and consistent there's a couple things that are great the first thing is you can get a salad base of any kind of salad you like spring mix Romaine whatever and you can throw some protein on top so I have a really simple meal here I have a little bit of some grass-fed ground beef that I made up here on the bed of some romaine lettuce with some peppers I mean this is a super easy and simple meal that doesn't take very much how do you do this well what 

 We did the night before is we just pan fried a little bit of this grass-fed ground beef with some taco seasoning and we had a little bit of these Peppers that we just chopped up and and sauteed right over there and you just throw this on a bed of lettuce this literally takes like under five minutes to make after you've done a little bit of prep so if you have these things sitting in your fridge whether it's a chicken breast you cooked salmon or if you're following a 

 Vegan vegetarian carrying option you can do some tempeh or something like this throw this on greens you can always do salad and greens and what's cool about this idea of lunch of doing greens and some protein is that even if you're eating out let's say if you're on the go and you need to go to some fast food chain you can do this basically anywhere you can go to McDonald's and get a chicken salad you could go to Chipotle and get a base of some salad with some 

 Protein on top so for lunch I want you to think of getting that good basic greens with some protein on top that's going to keep you full and it's very healthy a couple other options for lunch that are phenomenal that don't require a lot of meal prep is making a high quality sandwich so all I did here is like have some Ezekiel Bread you toast this it actually tastes quite good I put in some Sprouts some turkey some mustard 

 You can throw a little avocado little pesto this sandwich is going to be under 400 calories loaded with fiber Protein healthy fats greens so many vitamins and minerals it's amazing and super convenient you could take this on the go and literally there was no prep required for this you just have the pieces of bread that you toast and you throw the already Meats on there or whatever you throw on there easy for following a vegan vegetarian plan you could make 

 This with some high protein peanut butter right toasted Ezekiel Bread throw a cup four tablespoons of peanut butter on there maybe sprinkle on some hemp seeds on there for some extra Protein healthy fats amazing easy this didn't require basically any prep whatsoever other things that are really good for lunch is you can do leftovers from dinner and when we get to dinner I'm going to talk about this concept of a perfect plate 

 This is what a perfect plate framework looks like half of your plate is going to be some kind of Veggie you love a quarter of some kind of protein a quarter some healthy carbs or healthy fats for lunch you can just use leftovers from the night before so you can see how this whole framework starts to stack on itself is really convenient but typically for me Ezekiel Bread sandwich leftovers from the night before or some kind of protein salad is exactly 

 What I'm looking for for lunch now snack snack is something that you don't necessarily have to have but I think a lot of people get in trouble between the hours of lunch around noon and dinner around five or six o'clock that can be a long stretch and if you don't eat anything then you go over into dinner starving and you maybe overeat or eat the wrong Foods or you just don't have a good plan and then you snack on crappy Foods or your blood sugar gets out of 

 Control so I like to give people options on how you can do a healthy snack somewhere around two three o'clock to take the edge off a couple convenient things that are really good for meal prep or healthy snacks one are hard-boiled eggs whether or not you have eggs in the morning you can basically make some hard-boiled eggs very easy to do right you just boil these things on the stove top and you can make a dozen hard-boiled eggs in under 15 minutes and 

 They're just there you can have those you can pair those with a little bit of cheese if you want if you if Dairy feels fine for you I have some raw goat cheddar that you can pair with some eggs that is a high protein healthy fat snack that's super good other ideas for snacks that I love are getting some high quality nuts these are some macadamia nuts I love macadamia nuts walnuts pistachios you can get around a third cup of these and pair it with a piece of 

 Fruit like an apple I mean this is an amazing snack non-perishable really no meal prep required you just have to have this stuff around the house other things you can do if you're the kind of person who likes bars you can buy some high quality protein bars I have a plant-based one from Garden of Life here I have a go macro bar over here that's good you can also get a high quality protein yogurt so I have a Greek yogurt with Chobani and you could throw 

 Some berries in there right so are any of these ringing bells for you as foods that you like I want you to be thinking about what are your go-to healthy foods and when you figure those out you buy them in bulk and you keep them around the house and so far outside of really like the eggs and maybe the grass-fed beef or the protein that was on top of the salad here for lunch no cooking is really required right where this is very simple and easy stuff that you can think 

 About now when it comes to dinner this is where we need to be a little more strategic about our prep and I brought up this idea perfect plate I want to show it to you again to make a perfect plate you need to decide what are your go-to for healthy veggies you love what are your go-to proteins that you love what are your go-to healthy carbs that you love and what are your healthy fats you love and you prep those things in bulk and I want to show you a couple 

 Perfect plate meals to fit this bill this first one here right I have some grass-fed ribeye which we just literally cooked in the oven and then we finished a little bit on a on a cast iron skillet so this is not too hard to make you can make this stuff in bulk we just sliced this up we made it the day before we used a pressure cooker to make some of these uh squashes so this is a delicious squash and to be really simple we just threw it on the 

 Side of some greens so there you go really easy perfect plate if you like beef this would be something you really love here's a seafood based perfect plate we have some Cajun shrimp which you can make on the grill in the oven with some seasoning you buy some high quality wild shrimp season these puppies up we have some roasted vegetables some brussels sprouts there's some sweet potato in here some acorn squash and then we mix this up with a little bed of 

 Some long grain white rice so this is a perfect plate this works really well and again if you make this in bulk for dinner you cook more in dinner you're always going to have leftovers for lunch another perfect plate that's really simple that a lot of people would like is some kind of like spicy chicken breast thing so chicken breasts on the grill again white rice which we made that in a rice cooker we did some steamed broccoli and we have a little 

 Bit of avocado for healthy fats and I drizzled a little hot sauce on there so these are pretty simple meals and if you start to think about this for dinner and you're prepping your go-to carbs and proteins in bulk you're going to be in great shape so for me and my family we do once or twice a week we'll have some kind of red meat so either making that grass-fed taco seasoning so we have a taco night we cook up a bunch of that ground beef or we'll make a ribeye steak 

 That's great another night per week we'll make up some chicken or I'm sorry some chicken or some wild salmon and we typically do that most of the times in the oven so you just put more than you need for dinner just load it up there bake this stuff in the oven now you have a bunch of leftovers you can use for lunch and for dinner that day and when it comes to the healthy carbs personally what I like to do is either sweet potatoes some kind of squash or some 

 Kind of rice and the way to do that is really easy is you can get yourself a rice cooker so I have a big one here so you get one of these invest in a rice cooker oh my gosh make it so easy you can actually make vegetables and rice in there you put it on you can make great healthy carbs the other thing that's really good is using something like a pressure cooker like an instapot we made all of these uh it just fell apart here but we made some of these squashes here 

 In the instapot and they're so soft it takes around 10 minutes so you can make these these healthy carbs in the insta pot super easy with pressure cooking and so that's really the concept here the concept here is you need to figure out your go-to healthy foods it does not require a ton of prep and quite frankly if you're a person who wants to do zero cooking you could literally go through a zero cooking day of a healthy meal for weight loss you could do a shake in the 

 Morning for lunch you could buy some pre-cooked chicken breasts or something like that or even some canned salmon or canned sardines like I have some tinned wild sardines that are so healthy for you you could throw that on top of uh some greens requires no cooking for snack you could have some jerkies or some nuts or a piece of fruit and for dinner you could do any of these other things you could continue to make even an Ezekiel Bread sandwich for dinner 

 With some turkey that's already like pre-cooked with some avocado so the idea is that you need to find your go-to healthy foods so my reflection question for you is this what are your or your family's go-to healthy Foods in the form of proteins healthy carbs fibrish vegetables and healthy fats when you identify those you go to the grocery store you buy those foods and then you start to create like a meal plan that basically works like this and if you 

 Want more direct help with this if you want to have everything laid out in a very simple do this here are some recipes then I recommend you check out our free meal plans which are linked in the description we have those for fit fathers and for fit mothers as well as our full paid program and our paid program obviously has the full nutrition plan the full fit father and fit mother recipe book all of the workouts coaching for me and my teams that's the best 

 Option if you want to get very serious about weight loss but I think even from this free video you probably have some good ideas on stuff you can start incorporating and my final little bit of tips to kind of wrap this up is if you take one thing away from this video I want you to nail your first meal of the day nail breakfast make it consistent make it high protein gets either the shakes the eggs something like that because when you start to be consistent 

 In breakfast that momentum is going to carry forward it's going to be so much more motivating for you to eat healthy the rest of the day thank you my friend I hope you found this video valuable and you got some ideas on some healthy meal prep or weight loss this is Dr Anthony balduzzi signing off I want you to check out those free meal plans in the description I'll see you around our channels and I'll talk to you very soon