Eat Healthy Meals On a Budget! Lose Weight + Save Money

In today's video we're going to talk about eating healthy on a budget and I'm going to walk you through a full day meal plan breakfast lunch snack and dinner all the foods that I would buy at a grocery store to save money while still eating very very high quality and the reason I believe this video is important is because right now in North America United States and of course all over the world there's inflation prices 

 Are going up it's harder to feed our families and we still want to make good choices and I'm here to give you this message you do not necessarily need to compromise on quality you can still healthy food if you know the right things to buy and you know the right kinds of deals to search for so that's what we're going to do in this video we're going to break it all down we're going to kick it off with breakfast my recommendations of what you can actually 

 Buy and Order and create and this video is going to help you regardless if finances are a big deal for your family right now pay attention to this video it's certainly going to give you some ideas on some easy affordable and very healthy meals that you can make for your family all right so let's get straight into the best affordable and healthy breakfast for me personally I think the best thing you can have for breakfast that's still affordable is get some high 

 Quality eggs but you absolutely want to buy these at one of these bulk grocery stores to get the best value possible now I got some prices in prep for this video from my local Costco and you can get 24 large cage-free eggs for $5.99 which is a great deal and if you want to go crazy and get a ton of eggs you can get 60 eggs large cage free for around 15 bucks so right there eggs are amazing because they got the healthy proteins the healthy fats all those fat soluble 

 Vitamins and there's so many things you can do with them you can make scrambles you can make omelets you can also make a breakfast burrito so you can go ahead and get an organic tortilla so even if you're on a budget I still highly recommend that when you get things like Breads and tortillas and stuff that has flour in it that you get organic because you don't want to have the pesticides in your body and you can get around six organic tortillas from a main company 

 Like Mission or something like this for around five bucks so you pair that with a couple scrambled eggs inside this tortilla you're having breakfast for less than $3 and that's super good another good option when it comes to having some bread if you want to have that in your diet is you can get some organic sprouted bread so maybe organic sourdough or if you really want to spend up a little bit you can get an organic Ezekiel Bread these breads are around 

 Anywhere from $3 to $6 a loaf which is still good value cuz imagine if you toasted one piece of bread you had a little bit of avocado which I'll tell you about in just a second and you had some eggs with there you can still have a breakfast that's under $3 and you're getting really nutritious food now when it comes to avocados I'm a huge fan of them they're a Absolute Nutrition Powerhouse lots of healthy fats lots of good beneficial plant-based compounds to 

 Regulate your blood sugar but the cool thing about avocados is you do not need to buy them organic there's been studies on them because avocados have that nice hard outer layer they basically have no pesticides on them you can buy just regular avocados that are roughly around a dollar a piece so imagine you have a half avocado you have a couple eggs maybe a piece of toast or maybe you skip the toast and go a little carb with the eggs in the avocado you have an amazing 

 Nutritious breakfast it doesn't cost a lot of money so these are some ideas another thing that you could do is explore making some kind of protein smoothie you get a really high value protein powder think something that's pretty affordable and you can throw in some frozen berries if you want and some other things like that so these are some ideas you absolutely can have your meal number one be affordable and as we talk about inside our fit father and fit 

 Mother programs we're huge fans of you standardizing your first meal a day just make it a consistent thing because every day it's a nice hook for you to get into that gives you nutritious food that you don't have to think about let's move on to lunch so for lunch there's really three things I want you to focus on you rather get a salad with some protein a healthy sandwich recipe or you make some kind of protein bowl I want to explain all this to you so first off when it 

 Comes to salad with some protein on it you definitely want to buy organic lettuce now the cool thing is some of these bul grocery stores you can get one of those giant things of organic lettuce for around three to five bucks and the cool thing about that is it's so easy to make a meal cuz let's say you get some organic spring mix then you can just like make a salad by getting a huge glob of that salad and then you can throw some kind of grilled chicken some kind 

 Of steak or some salmon on top and if you also buy your proteins from one of these bulk grocery stores you can get chicken breast at like $2 a pound and this can be even organic chicken breast at times so and with your proteins when it comes to affordability you got to buy in bulk if you buy a bunch of chicken breasts you can also store some in the freezer and just thaw it out for later so it's a really good idea to buy these proteins in bulk other simple things if 

 You want to do it's not quite as affordable you can get a tin of some wild pink salmon or some sardines these are around $3 to $4 a tin but you just put that on top of some lettuce and you get some drizzle some extra virgin olive oil or create some kind of dressing you have a super nutritious lunch and it could be I'd say around like $5 or less for a really great lunch so I think that's a huge win considering you're literally eating protein and greens now 

 When it comes to sandwiches we're huge fans of those as options as well you definitely want to get the organic breads you don't want to have the non-organic breads because they have that glyphosate pesticide on them that really WS havoc on your health so you might not be paying a lot now but you're going to be paying a lot later down the line with health issues and that doesn't make sense to me so you get get one of these high quality breads you want to 

 Look for a bread that says either organic sourdough or organic sprouted wheat you get two slices of that bread which is around let's just say 30 carbs in total you load that up with some chicken breast or maybe some deli sliced turkey whatever kind of protein you want in there heck you can even take that wild pink salmon and put some avocado mayo and make a little bit like a a little mix in there and have a tuna salad sandwich or a salmon salad 

 Sandwich very very good that works nicely and of course you can make some bowls you can get some cook up some rice or some quinoa you could have the other half of that avocado used for breakfast and then throw some protein in that bowl and boom you have a perfect and easy lunch and again it could be under five bucks now in terms of making the stuff taste really good you want to get some good high value condiments I am a huge fan of all different kinds of mustards 

 And hot sauces these things do not have basically any calories they add a lot of taste and flavor and it's a really good option and they're actually very affordable so that's a really easy way to do it so launch again in recap salad of protein on top buy your protein and bulk make sure to get the organic lettuce if you make a sandwich you want to make sure that you're having the organic bread to get no pesticides in your life and of course you can have 

 Leftos leftovers from dinner or make a protein bowl let's get into the healthiest snacks you can have in the afternoon so when it comes to healthiest snacks you really want to focus on a Whole nonprocessed Foods so typically in my opinion this means nuts and fruit it's a perfect combination you can take it anywhere and it's non- perishable so nuts the kind of nuts that I like are almonds walnuts pistachio all these are pretty good value in fact you can get 

 These things for around $5 per 8 O and you have that with an organic apple and you can get an organic apple for around $2 a pound which is pretty decent because you get a bunch of apples for a pound of apples so imagine if you had like a $3 snack or a $4 snack that has the nuts and the Apple it's just so simple so convenient gives your body lots of good nutrition healthy fats fiber vitamins minerals all this good stuff and you don't need to think about 

 It so I really love that as a snack option and I recommend that you pick pick the favorite nut that you and your family love and buy that in bulk and in fact if you go to some of these bulk discount sites like you can get like I just bought a 5B bag of walnuts because I'm always throwing these in breakfast smoothies having them for snacks so it's going to be even cheaper per serving if you go ahead and buy and bulk and here's a little trick with nuts 

 I actually like to put the nuts in the freezer because it keeps them better longer so it actually helps preserve them you want to buy these bulk bags and nuts get them in the freezer or the refrigerator the cold is going to help them stay fresh longer and of course when it comes to fruit you don't have to buy all fruit organic but things like apples you definitely want to cuz otherwise they're heavily sprayed with pesticides another good fruit that's 

 Really great that is probably one of the cheapest fruits around is to get bananas and the things about bananas that are really good is one you don't have to buy them organic because again they have the thick outer covering on the banana and so basically bananas aren't really sprayed with pesticides and if you get a non-organic banana it could be like a dollar maybe even less like 50 cents to a dollar so that's really high value and here's the key to make bananas healthy 

 You eat them when they're still kind of green when they have that green tip on them before they really start to really get super ripe and they get really yellow and eventually spotted that's when the banana starts to ferment and gets a lot of higher sugar content when you eat the banana when it's green it has this beautiful fiber that your probiotics and your gut bacteria love and it doesn't spike your blood sugar so maybe you just get conventional bananas 

 With some nuts you have an amazing snack so I really love that as a great option let's start to talk about healthy dinners that are super affordable when it comes to dinner here at the fit father and fit mother projects we teach this concept of building a perfect plate this is what a perfect plate looks like basically if you have a blank plate of food you fill it with some kind of Veggie you love for half the plate a quarter of your plate was some kind of 

 Healthy protein and a quarter of your plate is some kind of healthy carb if you make plates like this they're going to be around 500 to 700 calories and you so many different options and they taste great so how do we make perfect plates very affordable well the vegetable that you end up picking can be a very affordable vegetable you can do that organic salad mix for example can be very good you can get some frozen broccoli frozen peas or something like 

 This that are very high value easy to steam up and they taste absolutely delicious so those are some ideas now when it comes to your proteins again the key message is buy these things in bulk you can literally get grilled chicken or grilled turkey at around $2 per pound and you have that that you can make as part of your protein or if you want to get some beef for some of these red meat cuts then you can get things that are a little tougher cuts of meat like some 

 Kind of like these stew meats and just slow cook them right you can get these things for like $2 $3 a pound put them in a slow cooker and they end up getting so tender and so delicious and they pair so well with the perfect plate now when it comes to the carbohydrates that can be very high value one of my favorites is sweet potatoes you can get these things for like $150 per sweet potato like a large sweet potato which is great cuz you can cut that thing in halfs 

 You're basically getting your carbohydrate source for like 75 cents for a really great carb source and you can split that with your family another thing is you can get some kind of quality rice like a bosotti rice is one of the healthiest Rices that doesn't spike your blood sugar too much you can try something like quinoa and make it in a rice cooker but either way you can certainly get some of these really good value grains paired with the frozen 

 Veggies that you heat up paired with proteins and bulk now you have a great way to make perfect plates and another great concept because you can also have breakfast for dinner so let's say you went to Costco and you got those 60 eggs for 15 bucks go ahead and have breakfast for dinner you guys can get some of those toast and you can make like the egg in the hole kind of things you can just get some scrambled eggs you can make an egg veggie stir fry or something 

 Like that like don't be afraid to use the eggs in multiple different settings cuz they're so nutritious and they're really high value now when it comes to dessert again we can still make healthy desserts and one way you can do it is actually getting to make yourself like a healthy post dinner smoothie if you will so you can get some kind of like almond milk maybe an affordable protein powder that you like a frozen banana again doesn't have to be organic and maybe 

 Some cacao powder and you blend all that stuff up and you can have a little bit of the smoothie that you share with your family it tastes delicious a nice chocolate smoothie that doesn't cost a lot of money or you can even get like a peanut butter which is really high value personally I would probably buy organic and you just have a scoop of peanut butter as your post dinner meal and it tastes really good and it's just super reasonable to get that little sweet 

 Tooth or if you want to spend up a little bit and you get a bar of some dark chocolate if you will you can just have a little square of that and make it last a long time for a little bit of Sweet Tooth the idea here is this literally if you were to go out and have breakfast or order something out at any restaurant you're spending like 10 to 15 bucks period and that's like a whole week of breakfast based on how we laid out this framework so the value of 

 Making the stuff at home and buying the right things in bulk is absolutely massive and I think how I laid this out I also want to go to like really high quality high nutrition ingredients like you could definitely do this cheaper but the way I laid things out is a super nutritious meal plan and we're talking you can be eating for around $15 a day $10 to $15 a day on this plan and that's like really really high quality food so wow you follow this you're still getting 

 Your nutrition in you're still making progress on your fitness goals you're still feeding your family well you're just doing it intelligently and remember the stuff that really takes up all of the money is all these packaged snack foods the stuff in the boxes in the interior aisles of the grocery store the fancy healthy chips and stuff like that all that stuff is garbage compared to this whole non-processed food that we talked about things like meats eggs 

 Fruits veggies knowing what you need to buy organic what you can skip on like this is the foundation of your nutrition plan if you do this if you buy in bulk if you find your go-to meals and if you get okay with just being very regimented and having roughly the same things all the time you can do really well and look you can mix it up once in a while maybe once in a while you splurge and you get some grass-fed ground beef and you have taco night but like that's good once in 

 A while but overall you just have this consistent plan you can save a lot of money feed your family really well I hope you found this video valuable I want to say this if you're still out there right now and you want to eat healthier and you're not following our fit father and fit mother programs come join us come see on the inside of how powerful it is to get like really done for you plans we give you all the recipes you don't have to do any 

 Thinking we give you even more detailed nutrition advice we keep you motivated we help you with the fitness it becomes a holistic lifestyle designed for you as a busy mom or a busy Dad this is who we serve at fit mother and fit father projects so I'm grateful you found this video there's going to be links in the description for some of our free plans as well as our paid plans you can check those out and I hope you saw today that there's many ways you can eat healthy 

 And affordable and still have really high quality food this is Dr a signing off I'll see you in future videos and I'll talk to you very soon.