WHAT I ATE TO LOSE 42 LBS | WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN FOR WOMEN | full day of eating + healthy recipes

Welcome back to my channel i have got a really exciting video for you guys today i've put together a weight loss meal plan for you guys and it's really customizable there are so many delicious new recipes and snacks in this video that i'm going to show you i'll be showing you three main meals breakfast lunch and dinner as well as three snacks i've also got an amazing low calorie chocolate coffee drink so good i'm gonna 

 Show you how to make all of these recipes gluten and dairy free i think there's only one thing that's not vegan but i'm gonna show you a vegan option for that too you can choose any of the meals and snacks from this video to get either 1200 1400 1600 or 1800 calories per day i'm going to show you how to customize it at the end of this video let's just get started each meal will be roughly 400 calories and each snack will be roughly 200 calories i've 

 Specifically created these meals and recipes to be low in calories but to still be filling to give you good sustained energy these recipes are all balanced with good whole carbs fiber good protein and healthy fats just remember even with weight loss calories are not bad calories are actually really good and they're good for us we need them every day for energy and to be healthy it's all about the small habits that you can be consistent with over 

 Time that build up and create real results for breakfast we are making healthy apple pie oatmeal it's really easy to make gluten and dairy free and plant-based first i mix half a cup of rolled oats with one and a half cups of hot water together in a small pot if you want extra fluffy creamy oats you can pre-soak this for five to ten minutes before you cook it and if you do that it's actually quicker to cook the oats 

 But you can start cooking them right away if you want to that's just an extra tip i'm cutting up one apple into small pieces you can leave the peel on or you can remove it either one works and i've also left a few slices on the side that i'll be using as a topping i pre-soaked the oats for about five minutes while i was getting some things together cutting up the apple and the oats have gotten really fluffy as you can see because i did that it's gonna 

 Cook really quickly now once it's started cooking i add the chopped apple into it and after a few minutes of cooking the apple gets nice and soft and it's ready it's a really nice quick breakfast which is one of the reasons that i love it so much it's also really nice and filling really keeps me going i mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil into it after cooking this also helps to make it more filling add some healthy fats with a teaspoon of coconut sugar you can 

 Use any sugar or sweetener that you like or just leave it out if it's sweet enough you're ready with the apple some cinnamon and i love to add the tiniest pinch of nutmeg to me it makes it taste so much like apple pie but the cinnamon by itself also just works great then i'm breaking some walnuts into it i'm using about eight walnut halves i leave one or two on the side to use as a topping and i break the rest up into the oatmeal give it a stir and serve it into a bowl 

 And i'm adding those apple slices on top that i kept aside you know just for aesthetics just to make it look good and breaking up the lift of walnuts on top with just a little extra sprinkle of cinnamon if you use the amount of ingredients that i did it should be roughly 380 calories that leave some room to make it 400 calories if you want to add extra sweetener on top of that so that's a great healthy breakfast and it's a great amount even if you're 

 Trying to lose weight i really find it gives me lasting energy throughout the morning until i get to lunch i have posted this recipe on my blog for you guys at lieselgene.com if you want to check it out there i'll link that below for you the breakfast that i showed you today in this video is actually from my ebook just breakfast i created the recipes in this ebook specifically to help you to kickstart your weight loss in the morning i just feel like your 

 Breakfast sets the tone for your entire day of eating and how you move forward in your day between us i'm just as likely to make one of these recipes from my ebook for lunch or dinner just as likely as i am for breakfast there's more than 50 healthy low calorie recipes in it so if you're looking for some new breakfast recipes some weight loss recipes i'll link that below for you [Music] i'm gonna show you a really easy healthy 

 Hot chocolate coffee drink that is only 40 calories something that's low in calories is really not going to affect your weight loss so this is basically a free item you can add to your meal plan that can be a little pick-me-up a treat or your daily coffee it's dairy-free it's plant-based i add one heap teaspoon of instant coffee to a mug i use this freeze-dried decaf one you can use any kind one teaspoon of cocoa powder one teaspoon of coconut sugar you can use 

 Any sweetener or sugar that you like i like coconut sugar i add a small amount of hot water and mix it up to get rid of any lumps and then i add more hot water i'm estimating about one cup of hot water in total and then i add about half a cup of unsweetened almond milk the brand i like to use is about 17 18 calories per half cup just for reference you can use any milk that you like and that's it that's the recipe it's so easy to make 

 And so yummy it's a great mid-morning pick-me-up or mid-afternoon pick-me-up i was drinking my hot chocolate coffee outside and look who arrived raccoons lee the resident squirrel that lives at the house that i'm currently renting she was quite interested in my drink but i gave her a walnut and a shell as a little snack we bought these nuts in the shells just for the squirrels they love them [Music] 

 For lunch i'm going to show you this really yummy healthy plant-based sandwich it's my new favorite lunch and it's really easy to make i'm using half a purple onion slicing it up you can use a regular brown onion too i'm really into these purple onions right now they're like sweet get that cooking in a pan on the stove with a small amount of cooking oil spray i like to use avocado oil and it's nice to get the onion a little bit 

 Caramelized first i'm also slicing up one medium red bell pepper and adding that to the pan too once the onion has started to cook this is going to be enough for two to four servings so this is something i like to meal prep and then it's a really quick and easy lunch to throw together but i'm showing you how to make everything now so one serving would be about a quarter of an onion or less depending on how much you like to use and about quarter to half a 

 Bell pepper i'll have extra for lunch tomorrow and the next day so while that's cooking i open a count of black beans drain and rinse the beans i'm actually adding them to a container and measuring out about a half a cup to a bowl i'm showing you how to make one serving but what i usually do is make two servings at once and then i'll have the other serving for the next day but for each serving i use half a cup of black beans smash that in a bowl with 

 The back of a fork it doesn't have to be perfect just rough and then i'm adding one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of this nando's spicy sauce it's my absolute favorite you can use any kind of spicy sauce that you like though and if you hate spicy sauce then just leave it out and you can add a bit of dried oregano i also add some paprika that's optional i'm just i just really like paprika and some salt and some pepper and some 

 Lime juice definitely add the lime juice mix that up it really i know it really doesn't look that great right now but it tastes really great in a sandwich you will see so keep that aside for now i'm peeling and cutting up some cucumber to have on the side this isn't part of the sandwich recipe but i try to sneak some extra veggies in where i can and i love cucumber slices so i'm having them on the side it's a really great little thing that you can 

 Throw into this meal plan i'm just adding that to my plate so long and i just keep tossing the vegetables on the stove as they cook when they're done i add some lime juice some salt and some pepper just a little bit and it's pretty quick to cook like this in a pan it doesn't take long at all i'm serving that right into a container and i'll keep the rest of it in that container in the fridge for meal prep i'm using two slices of bread and 

 Toasting them this is the whole grain raw bread that i love that i always use but you can use any kind of bread that you like use a gluten-free one if you are gluten-free this bread is really dense and filling it's about 120 calories per slice most breads are about 60 calories per slice so if you have bread that's about 60 calories a slice you can use four slices of bread so this recipe in this meal plan allows for a lot you're not gonna go 

 Hungry i have to cut my bread slices in half because they're really really big and they don't fit into the toaster toasting the bread is optional i like to do that i add some of the spicy black beans on top of each slice it's enough for four slices of bread and then you can use as much of the vegetables as you like on top as i said i use about a quarter to half of the amount that i've made and i'll use the leftover vegetables and beans tomorrow for lunch 

 I squeeze some more fresh lime juice on top it goes really nicely with this with a few fresh leafy greens also optional but it adds a nice touch makes it look prettier add some extra greens into your diet really easy to make and it's even easier to make if you've meal prepped the vegetables and even the beans if you made this how i made it using the amounts that i used the sandwich is around 400 calories if you add some extra cucumber slices or 

 Something like that it adds about another 20 calories it's not a lot at all so about 420 calories for what i'm having here i'm just mentioning the calories if you want to know a super yummy healthy popcorn snack i'll be showing you three different snack options in this video all of them are roughly 200 calories each so you can mix and match the snacks as you like i'm adding 1 8 of a cup of popcorn kernels to this microwave air popper it takes 

 Plus minus 2 minutes in the microwave to pop you don't need oil or anything with an a popper and the air poppers are pretty inexpensive you can get them on amazon you can get them online once it's done i'm serving that in a bowl and adding about a teaspoon of coconut sugar you can use any sugar you like again some cinnamon a bit of sea salt and then random but it's actually really good it's a good combination i added about 10 cashew nuts a really fun yummy healthy 

 Snack it takes less than five minutes to make it about 200 calories great for a weight loss snack great for a healthy snack it's got some good whole carbs in it from the air popped popcorn a bit of healthy fats and plant protein from the cashews it's a good snack for dinner we are making something really good i have been enjoying this for dinner we're making a mediterranean-inspired olive chicken with oven-baked potato wedges 

 And green beans this might sound like complicated and a lot but it's not i'm going to show you step by step how to make everything and i'll also give you a vegan option for the chicken i'm making extra for meal prep so you're going to see me make more but for one portion you'll need roughly 200 grams of potato so just double that quadruple that for however many meals you'd like to prep you can cut the potato into wedge shapes or thick strips you can cut them however 

 You want i'm cutting them into sort of thick wedge potato chip type things i'm using about four potatoes to make extra for meal prep or about four portions in total they didn't all fit onto one tray and i don't know what i was thinking i needed a second tray i should have just divided them equally between the two trays but for some reason i loaded up the one tray and then i left the other tray almost empty it makes no sense but anyway i added paprika salt and pepper 

 To season the potatoes i'm really enjoying paprika at the moment you don't have to add that you can use any spices you like oregano is also really good and i add that to an oven preheated to about 380 degrees fahrenheit which is about 190 degrees celsius and you can bake that for about 40 to 60 minutes or as long as it needs until it's soft inside starting to get a little bit crispy on the outside that's how i like them then i'm getting some green beans ready i'm 

 Just rinsing them and adding them to a steamer i've done extra for rob as well as i'm making dinner for him too but you can do about 100 grams of green beans for one portion so i'm not putting that on yet i'm just setting that aside for now you can also use zucchini or broccoli instead of the green beans if you prefer that and now i'm making the mediterranean inspired marinade sauce for the chicken i'm slicing up about 

 Eight kalamata olives into very fine little pieces adding them to a small bowl and to that i'm adding about one teaspoon of oil i'm using avocado oil you can use any kind about two tablespoons of coconut aminos or soy sauce one teaspoon of maple syrup paprika again you can leave that out some dried chili flakes just a few depending on how spicy you like it some salt and some pepper and you can add a squeeze of fresh lime juice too 

 Fresh lime juice just makes the flavors pop you can keep that marinade aside for now and check the potatoes to see how they're doing you can turn them or toss them on the tray if you want to and put them back in the oven to finish cooking if they've still got a while to go then just go do something else come back when they're ready when the potatoes are about 10 minutes out you can turn the steamer on to get the green beans cooking and you can get the chicken 

 Cooking i'm heating a pan and adding some chicken tenders to a pan you can use skinless boneless chicken breast meat and cut that into strips you can use roughly 120 grams of chicken breast meat per serving i'm making extra for meal prep and some for rob2 for dinner so for a vegan option you can use extra foam tofu roughly 180 grams it's going to be brand dependent on the calories and i recommend using the cooking instructions on the brand that you get 

 On how to cook them in a pan you can use the same marinade sauce that i've made what i've actually been doing is cooking the chicken strips in a pan with no oil no sauce this way they don't burn but it makes the chicken nice and crispy without burning it's it's really good and i just leave it cooking on the one side and when they're almost done cooking i flip them over near the end and then that one side's so crispy and then i add the sauce and then it goes 

 Really quickly because it's mostly cooked look at how juicy and crispy that looks that's because i crisped them up so once the potatoes are done you can take them out of the oven if you use the amounts that are recommended per portion your meal should be roughly 400 calories so i'm serving some for myself here on my plate and also some for rob but i made enough for about four portions so i'll have some extra for meal prep too if you want to do the calories of this 

 Meal plan you can use about 200 grams of the raw potato for one serving as i said earlier then i'm serving the green beans and then i'm serving some of the olive chicken for each of us when i serve the chicken out i take some of the sauce and the olives from the pan and drizzle them over the chicken too and if you want to use the calorie guard for this meal plan you'd use roughly 120 grams of the raw chicken and if you did the vegan option you'd be serving the tofu out for 

 Yourself now about 180-ish grams of extra foam tofu depending on the brand what i really like to do the next day with the leftovers of the potato and the chicken is cut them up and throw them into a salad with some leafy greens some cucumbers some avocado olive oil a bit of lime juice there's so many different combinations you can do but it adds so much to the salad it's really good and that's dinner it's really filling it's nutritious it definitely keeps me going 

 And it's roughly 400 calories using the amounts that i mentioned i've really been enjoying potatoes lately i've been making baked fries wedges so much lady so depending on how hungry you're feeling or depending on the calories you wanted to have in your meal plan you might want to have another snack i'm going to show you two more snack options this one is very basic and simple but i've been loving it so much i thought i'd include it i've been eating a lot of 

 Oranges lately i'm going through an orange phase i guess you could say i love to cut up an orange and have it in a bowl with some vanilla yogurt it's so simple but the combination is so good i use vanilla coconut yogurt i use either the vanilla kalina yogurt or the so delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt i always go back to that one but you can use any kind of yogurt dairy or plant-based i'm using a vegan one if you use one large extra large orange 

 That'll be roughly 100 calories you can use another fruit like one medium banana or one pair those will also be roughly 100 calories i've been buying these giant oranges they're so juicy as for the yogurt you can use about a hundred calorie serving of whatever yogurt you use so that's what i've served out and that's really going to be brand dependent on the amount that you're going to serve that's 

 Going to be roughly 100 calories with the snack you're getting some extra vitamin c some healthy fats some fiber and it's roughly 200 calories this is another 200 calorie snack or a little dessert it's so simple to make but it's actually quite a fun little snack dessert using very basic ingredients we're making a mini banana split i'm cutting one banana in half lengthways and i'm adding a bunch of toppings so you can do either 

 One tablespoon of almond or peanut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup like half a teaspoon some cinnamon a few dark chocolate chips or you can do the combination of one teaspoon of almond or peanut butter a teaspoon of maple syrup drizzled on top cinnamon and about one tablespoon of dark chocolate chips you can even throw a few unsweetened coconut flakes on top like three or four throw them on there so if you do less almond or peanut 

 Butter you can go crazy with the chocolate chips things like that if you do either one of those combinations you'll have roughly 200 calories or just over i've used peanut butter here and some lilies dark chocolate chips they're sweetened with stevia it's a nice little healthier snack or dessert i like to use quite a wrap banana as it's much sweeter and that's another snack option that's roughly 200 calories so you can mix and match these snacks as you like i'm also 

 Gonna link below for you a free three-day eating plan on my blog you can go download it and get it there if you haven't already i know a lot of you guys have downloaded that already but if you haven't i'm going to link below for you and you can go get it there and it's going to be another example of a healthy weight loss meal plan this one you can download and you can keep it on your phone or on your ipad or any device that you have in case you're 

 Looking for some more healthy ideas or inspiration i'm gonna link a few more things below for you i'm gonna link below for you some playlists that i've made one of them contains a whole lot of meal plans that i've done on youtube they're gonna be similar to this video that you just watched i'm also going to link below for you a playlist that's going to help you to kick-start your health goals and your fitness goals make sure you subscribe if you haven't 

 Already and like this video if you did enjoy it and don't forget to turn on the notifications if you haven't already i've got a lot of exciting videos coming out that i'm working on for you guys i really want to help you guys to kickstart your health and fitness goals so turn on the notifications stay tuned for my next video and i will see you then keep in mind that we're all different and so every person has different 

 Calorie needs to lose weight in a healthy way if you'd like to follow a 1400 calorie diet you can prepare all of the three main meals that i showed you in this video and choose one of the healthy snacks for each day for a 1200 calorie diet you can have all three meals each day and just leave out the snacks but at least i'll have the low calorie hot chocolate coffee i mean it's only 40 calories it's basically a free item for 

 A 1 600 calorie diet you can have all three meals and choose two of the three snacks so that you'd have three meals and two snacks per day and for a 1 800 calorie diet you can have all three meals and all three snacks as i showed you in this video for whatever calorie meal plan you're going for you can add the 40 calorie healthy hot chocolate coffee as a free item keep in mind that something as small as 40 calories is basically irrelevant it's not going to 

 Throw your whole day of eating off in any way calories are not bad calories are actually really good for us we need them for energy and to be healthy you don't need to be scared of them so that you can mix and match the meals and the snacks i've made all three meals breakfast lunch and dinner all roughly 400 calories while i've made all of the snacks roughly 200 calories each this is a weight loss meal plan specifically for people who are trying to lose weight 

 It's only intended for short-term use long-term calorie restriction is not a good idea and i always recommend starting with more calories per day even if you're trying to lose weight i try to be consistent with small habits like drinking lots of water daily and eating vegetables every day it's really about the small habits that you can be consistent with over time that builds up and creates results for getting healthier or for losing weight as always 

 It's a good idea to check with your doctor your gp your physician or your dietitian to see if this meal plan or one like this is suitable for you and your personal health needs and goals we're all different so keep that in mind.