Want To Lose Weight? Doctors Say It’s Time To Stop Counting Calories

It's the weight loss mantra that doctors have been touting for decades eat less move more and those extra pounds will disappear advice that 42 year old jennifer hayne says she tried to follow did anything ever click or work not really every time i'd do it i couldn't stick with it how did the weight gain affect you physically physically i was very tired i was very 

 Depressed a brand new report by a group of obesity doctors and scientists finds that telling people to eat less could actually be causing more harm than good and that restricting calories not only causes people to be more hungry but also slows down metabolism the body fights back against calorie restriction harvard pediatrician and endocrinologist dr david ludwig is the report's lead author he and his colleagues are suggesting a whole new approach called the 

 Carbohydrate insulin model the idea is simple if overeating isn't fueling obesity stop counting calories and just cut carbohydrates to control your insulin levels too much insulin fat cells get programmed to hoard calories so that there aren't too many calories in the bloodstream there are too few and that's why we get hungry now more research is finding that low-carb diets are not only effective they are sustainable 

 Something jennifer found out first hand when she signed up for a low-carb study at ohio state university in 2019 led by researcher jeff volig who has been studying low carb diets for 25 years he put jennifer on a diet that contained 37 grams of carbs a day and had high protein and healthy fats like avocados and nuts after just six weeks jennifer lost 20 pounds so this is just six weeks later and all this white fat has been reduced from what we see yes 

 And this is the type of fat you really want to target and kept going three years later how much weight have you lost in total all in total about 88 pounds you lost 88 pounds yes whoa that's a big deal jennifer says the diet wasn't easy at first she was forced to cut out her favorite foods like pasta and potatoes but seeing results was all the motivation she needed once you get used to it and your kids get used to it it's 

 Way easier because you can do it all as a family and she's not alone vollex studies have found that people on low carb diets can lose more than 10 percent of their body weight and keep it off what actually happens to the body when you're on a low carb diet when you limit carbohydrates the body gets really good at burning its own body fat because it doesn't have a lot of sugar to burn for fuel something that 

 Jennifer says has been a game changer i feel great it's easier for me to get up it's easy for me to go to sleep i feel a lot more comfortable with myself [Music] so one of the most interesting things about this new approach is that it also eliminates some of the stigma surrounding obesity which is typically treated as a behavioral problem but doctors often assume that people are overweight because they simply eat too 

 Much but instead it actually takes the blame away from the patient and looks at obesity as a biological problem really focusing on regulating the hormone insulin and that they say is what it's all about but besides just you know dropping the weight i mean is there some are there other benefits here tons of other benefits in fact that researcher jeff bullock that we just spoke to he's been studying low carb darbits for for 25 years what's fascinating is that now 

 They're doing new studies to figure out what else it's really affecting they're looking at different types of cancers and even just your mental health and the studies so far really promising but low carb has been around for a long time i guess you never really knew that the science kind of backed it up exactly at the atkins diet and i did keto for a while i remember we were on that face but this is low carb not exactly it's actually interesting you pointed out she 

 Didn't exercise at all she did not exercise at all she said she did not lift a finger she didn't do anything differently and keto for example is a more extreme type of low carb but again as savannah said it's it's low carb but you can have a few things here and there but i will say sustainable exercise and not extreme exercise like we're doing that today 

 Walking challenge it just it that improves i think your mental health combined with a low carb diet and i i mean i've lost about 45 pounds in the last several months and just but again yeah but only only only doing about i do about 100 grams of carbs a day and then you walk and i walk watch it you don't just walk i've seen your workout you do weights you do i mean like you do a you do like real exercise 

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