1 hour weight loss meal prep - 93g protein per day + super easy

So this is the easiest meal prep that I have ever done for a full week of fully prepped meals I made all of this in just under an hour and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it from start to finish so I used to put together weight loss meal prep plans for you guys all the time and I haven't done that in a really really long time so I'm doing that today this is a week of prep for four or five 

 Days so a full work week and it's really customizable I'm going to show you how to customize it to get anywhere from 1 200 to 1 800 calories and make it work for you but yeah you probably just want to know what we're going to be eating it's the most important thing some of my favorite meals right now so I'm excited to eat them this week for breakfast we're having mocha overnight oats for lunch a little Mediterranean inspired chickpea salad 

 For dinner the easiest roasted chicken and potatoes that I know how to make we're also prepping a quick snack a strawberry pineapple smoothie that's pretty high protein and by the way if you ate all of this you'd be getting almost 100 grams of protein for the day it's a high protein meal plan everything's dairy free and gluten free and I will let you know how to make this one thing vegan everything else is already plant-based 

 Yeah that is what we're going to be having this week [Music] first we're prepping a big batch of mocha overnight oats so I've got a mixing bowl here and we're just throwing a few things together for this stunning with two cups of rolled oats then adding eight teaspoons of chia seeds eight teaspoons of brown sugar I know that sounds like a lot but we're prepping for multiple servings here four teaspoons of 

 Instant coffee powder four teaspoons of cocoa powder a quarter cup of almond butter and three cups of milk any milk works but I use an unsweetened soy milk because it's dairy free it's high protein and it's nice and creamy and just mixing it up yeah we're basically done just serving it out into some little containers and now we are just adding a little topping a little bit of dark chocolate oh okay 

 Three second rule I've included a little chocolate topping and the calories because why not two pieces of dark chocolate in total so I'm just adding a little bit onto each one and his breakfast ready mocha overnight oats um oh what is that that is chocolate on Mom no chocolate all over me if you want a different flavor other 

 Than this one my video that I shared before this one was overnight oats meal prep and I shared three more flavors of urban art oats that are perfect for meal prep so go check that out if you want some more flavors so I'm just gonna throw this in the fridge really quickly I'm gonna get the oven preheated and while the oven is preheating we're gonna throw together the snack which we're meal prepping for this week and it's another really quick one 

 I'm preheating the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 218 degrees Celsius and I'm adding a baking tray to the oven to preheat at the same time this is important don't skip it this is how I get crispy roast potatoes in 30 minutes you'll see this kind of food this smoothie is actually for my four week weight loss meal prep plan I'll link it below but yeah let's just get the snack prepped we can do it in 10 minutes while the oven 

 Preheats to my blender I'm adding about two cups of Frozen pineapple I mean that's supposed to be two cups I accidentally dropped some extra inlay about four cups of frozen strawberries two scoops of vanilla protein powder I use a vegan one I'll link it below it's my favorite two cups of plain yogurt I use a dairy free coconut one but any plain yogurt will work about one cup of water and then one cup of ice and just blend it up 

 That is a thick smoothie look at that hmm amazing [Music] and that is how quick the snack is so the oven is just done preheating I'm going to cover these quick and get painting behind me there's a certainly a big storm okay let's get scared of the storm okay I'm gonna cover these quick and then I'm 

 Going to get my dinner in the oven it's gonna be very easy [Music] there's suddenly a huge storm so just bear with me while my dogs are running around they're a bit scared of the storm and it's gotten really dark but we're gonna keep going okay for this part we're either using chicken or some green beans bell pepper 

 Onion and some potatoes to get dinner started I'm rinsing about 500 grams of potatoes and slicing them in hot it's going to make them cook much faster getting that heated baking tray Out the Oven can hold really hot spraying the tray with some oil and then when the potatoes are on the tray I'll just give them another quick spray and I'm just adding some very simple flavorings some salt and pepper and also some onion powder and I like to face all of them 

 Down to get them really crispy on that side it takes less than five minutes to prep the potatoes it's very quick and just getting them in the oven and setting the timer for 30 minutes and then they'll be ready just washing some vegetables got about 400 grams of green beans 1 medium green bell pepper and also an onion cutting that up first but I'm saving a quarter of the onion for the salad we're gonna prep next so I'm just setting that aside 

 For now and chopping the other three quarters of the onion into some long thin strips just very rough also slicing the green bell pepper into some long thin strips the green beans don't need any prep in terms of chopping just one of the reasons that I love them and just adding all of that to a baking tray with a quick spray of oil some pepper some salt and just giving it all a toss okay for this part we're either using chicken or tofu I'm using 500 grams of 

 Chicken breast media but you can also use about 800 grams of firmed tofu for a vegan option that's usually like two packs and just lasted up before to that I'm adding about a tablespoon of oil and for the flavor we're using smoked paprika it's the secret ingredient in this roasted chicken it is full of flavor and it's basically no calories that's a great low calorie option and also adding some salt and pepper just getting the chicken tossed in the oil 

 And the spices and adding a little bit more on the other side and I'm moving the potatoes to the bottom shelf of the oven they've been in there for about 10 minutes and getting the chicken and the vegetables on the top shelf and oh my gosh I forgot to add some of the spices to the chicken okay so let's just just add in some onion powder and some oregano really quickly tossing that up and getting it back in the oven while the chicken the potatoes and the 

 Vegetables are still cooking in the oven we are gonna throw together the very last thing which is a Mediterranean chicken salad it's very very quick to make we're basically just chopping up bunch of things throwing it together and that's our lunch it's very tasty though um yeah so just gonna get right onto that now it's the last thing [Music] starting with some chickpeas opening two cans of chickpeas gradient 

 And rinsing them and then chopping up some vegetables I got about 300 grams of baby Tomatoes you can leave these whole it's quicker I like carving them though one whole cucumber I like to cut it into some big pieces just to help it to keep better one medium red bell pepper cutting that into some small little pieces some fresh cilantro about half a cup chopped up you can also use fresh parsley both work and then got that quarter of an onion that I kept aside 

 Just chopping that up to some tiny little pieces I'm getting the job done I'm not a professional onion chopper getting all of that into a salad bowl and adding about 150 grams of feta cheese I actually use a dairy free one but either vegan or regular works that's both fun getting those rinsed chickpeas in they add a lot of protein and also a lot of fiber and then just a few simple things for flavor three tablespoons of olive oil one tablespoon of white one 

 Vinegar a teaspoon of Dijon mustard a teaspoon of sweetener to balance out the sour flavors I use maple syrup I know that sounds random but any sugar or syrup is fine I about a tablespoon of lemon juice I just catch the seeds in my hand and some salt and pepper the salad is about 15 minutes to chop up and put together so it's the same amount of time as the vegetables need to roast in the oven [Music] 

 Oh yeah Mustang prepped okay so we're gonna serve this out quick then get the oven things out and then we're done I will be linking all the containers that I'm using for more in the description box just if you want to see the sizes I'm using and everything [Music] in the fridge here we go [Music] that is looking good and I'm just gonna 

 Flip these chickens quickly I'm just gonna give the chicken a few more minutes and then get the chicken and the potatoes out at the same time oh perfect roasted potatoes 30 minutes let me get a little close-up of this juicy roasted food let's where's it here crispy potatoes I cannot wait to eat I'm just gonna save this out and then we are done 

 [Music] ahead of myself here I'm just making four portions for each meal as you've seen so just serving the potatoes the chicken and the vegetables all between four containers here and by the way if you want to make five days of prep for everything instead of four days I'll have those ingredient amounts on my blog for you because the ingredient amounts are going to be different I'll also have the ingredient amounts for four days 

 Worth of prep on my blog for you so that's exactly what I've shown you in this video that's all going to be linked below for you as well as a grocery shopping list of everything but yeah that is dinner it's so so simple so flavorful it's the easiest roasted chicken and potatoes but I know how to make also really nice roasted vegetables which is something that I don't get bored of for multiple days very very good there's no sauce with this it's 

 Actually really good just like this but if you do want to add a little bit of sauce I suggest a little bit of hot sauce I like Nano sauce this is my favorite one it's amazing but you can also use Sriracha Tabasco or anything I usually just add a little bit when I serve it out but you can just put a little bit in the container if you want as well so I have prepped four servings of everything but I'm probably gonna eat it 

 Over five days and then just throw in a little bit of toast here and there with a random topping that's what I like to do sometimes so that's what I'm gonna do this week but right now I'm going to show you how to customize all of these calories whether you want 1 200 to 1 800 calories because we're all different we all need different calories I always say that but it's true so I'm gonna show you that now okay so how to customize the calories of this meal plan this will be 

 Very quick it's very very simple so all the meals that I showed you are roughly 400 calories all the breakfast lunches and dinners and the snack that I showed you is roughly 200 calories so it's very very easy to mix and match all the snacks and meals to get however many calories you want per day and it works perfectly with my point system if you use my beautiful bodyguard I'll link a video about that below if you don't know what I'm talking about so for 1 200 

 Calories per day you can have the breakfast the lunch and the dinner and then just leave out the snacks that's less prep work for you for 1 400 calories per day you can have every everything I prepped in this video The Breakfast the lunch the dinner and the snacks for 1 600 calories per day you can have everything I prepped in this video The Breakfast the lunch the dinner and the snacks and then just double up the Smoothie portion each day to make a 

 400 calorie smoothie instead of a 200 calorie smoothie or instead of that you can just throw in another 200 calorie snack each day so you know a lot of snack bars that you can buy in the stores are roughly 200 calories so that's just an idea of a 200 calorie snack for you and then for 1 800 calories you can have everything I prepped in this video The Breakfast the lunch the dinner and the snacks and then just double up the dinner portion each 

 Day to make an 800 calorie dinner instead of a 400 calorie dinner or instead of that you can just add another 400 calorie snack each day that could be like two slices of toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter on top that's a really great 400 calorie snack it's very very quick and easy something that I end up eating most days and I really hope that helps with the customizing I will see you in the next video .