Nutritionist's Review of 2023 Weight Loss Trends | Medications, Greens Powders, Reverse Dieting...

Hello and welcome to the millennial nutritionist podcast I'm Isa Garcia master's degree of nutrition science in register dietician and I'm going to make weight loss realistic sustainable and uncomplicated for your busy Lifestyle on this podcast me and my team of registered dietitians will decipher the latest nutrition research d ECT bad diets and discuss social media trends 

 For you so you can feel confident knowing what to eat to achieve your health goals research suggests that most weight loss programs aren't successful but my experience has taught me that this is not because the participants aren't committed it's because those diets are designed by non-nutrition professionals and center around severe restrictions we are here to provide the facts about the science of weight loss so you can have the success you want and 

 Continue living your best life hi my name is ISA your founder CEO and host of our podcast the millennial nutritionist and today I'm coming at you from my Empty Apartment I'm in our guest room because I feel like it would probably be the best situation for audio wise um and David is having a meeting and so I'm trying to do this while he's having a meeting it's a whole thing um but today I wanted to talk to you about 

 The top 10 trends that I've kind of noticed I really kind of sat and thought about this all day um and I was trying to think of what my clients has talk have talked about and then what other people have talked about people that like maybe will never become my client but like what's just out there in the wellness space um so we're going to get into those today um but just up first for an announcement um we are I just uploaded 

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 Surprised I don't think I've ever made any content about that before so um if you are interested in figuring out how to decrease your calories make sure to go watch that video it's pretty short I think it's like 12 minutes long pretty direct and I think I gave like five biggest tips um and I don't I think all of them don't even require tracking so make sure to go check that out you always get your first two weeks free if you are new to Millennial living um but 

 If you're a member over there I just want you to go do that and that's what our challenge is for this month over there as well just figuring out ways you can decrease calories so I thought I'd give you a little video to help out um but let's hop into today's episode because we have 10 things to get through for the trends and I am sorry I feel like I look like a little kid um and I also just came from playing three hours pickle ball but I was like I need to 

 Make this now so that I can edit it and then get it out tomorrow morning because I don't think I'll have time at all tomorrow to get that done and then we are moving on Friday so next week's episode is likely going to be a replay um just because I don't know the situation will be in Charleston but I don't know the Wi-Fi I don't know if there I can't remember if there's like carpet in rooms and we won't have furniture so next week might be a replay 

 Episode just FYI but let's get in okay so I actually Google some things first because I couldn't it's so hard for me to think about Trends because I just talk about you know scientific things and like what actually works um and I don't really feel like I do a lot of with trending nutrition however I was like looking up okay what are the top 10 Trends and one that came up over never again was OIC duh this is like the 

 Biggest Trend that's coming up like 2023 I feel like in such a long time um the biggest weight loss thing that has come around and maybe we should do a whole podcast episode on this we've done we've we've talked about this in a lot of other episodes um I don't think we've ever done a full episode dedicated to this I think the closest we've come is that one time I had a physician or I can't remember if she's a PA or an NP on and she talks about how she talks about 

 Weight loss with her patients and talks about when a medicine could be uh useful but how do we feel about asmic I you know I don't know I I understand that it is another tool I think it's hard for me to 100% like be exatic about it because I'm trained in behavior management Behavior change uh and slow weight loss and as a dietitian that's just kind of my field however doctors and people who prescribe medications aren't thought that so 

 They're very Pro their thing and I'm very Pro my thing however you can lose a lot more weight I will say through using something like OIC um I think it's you know it's pretty interesting that this medication has come along and it seems a lot better than previous medications because I've worked with clients who have been on other weight loss medications before like phentramine and even like viance in a way sometimes you know can decrease your appetite so 

 Working with medications that suppress appetite is nothing new um and I feel like my attitude is just a here it's here it doesn't matter my opinion on it because people are taking it and I as a dietician just need to roll with the punches and now figure out how I'm just going to counsel people who are on it I don't think it's my place to say if you should be on it or not I've talked about this of course extensively on like other platforms so I think the best thing is 

 If you are thinking about being on oympic you know definitely talk to your doctor definitely talk to your dietician if you're working with somebody and the main things that kind of come out of this is just making sure that you're eating enough making sure you're mitigating any GI disturbances and making sure that you're also working on lifestyle changes the good thing about OIC is because it's a pretty successful appetite it suppressant you now 

 Hopefully can focus on working on improving your diet without having to worry about Hunger which is great I don't know if it's being executed like that um but that is a great thing if you're not having to struggle with being hungry all the time then now maybe you can focus on eating fruits and vegetables instead of just you know being hungry my counter to that is you know my clients are not hungry when we focus on eating lots of fruits and 

 Vegetables and stuff but I guess I I don't have an opinion about a zig if you're on it great if you're not you could be on it if you want I can help you either way I think it's interesting and I'm I'm overall just kind of like interested to see where the world goes from here because if people in general have a decreased appetite I'd be interested to see like where what are food companies going to do because maybe people aren't going to buy as much food 

 Or what is it going to look like when just more people are in smaller bodies in general so that's that on that um number two is greens powder so I feel like this has been a trend for a while but I think this is the supplement that I consistently get clients asking me still about and my two cents about greens powders is I'm not very for them I'm not very for any supplements but not that's not that's not what every dietitian will 

 Say I just really like trying to do things the Whole Foods way if possible um but if you're treating greens powders as a multivitamin I can get behind that if you're just like you like that it dissolves and you don't have to take pills great if you're using it as a way to not have to eat as many fruits and vegetables no that is not you can't mimic all of the things that are in green vegetables from a powder but you can mimic a multivitamin in a powder so 

 That's what you should take it for if you're interested in taking it the other downside is sometimes it has like they have like 50 calories per serving and so if clients are struggling with decreasing their calories that's one thing I'll say like hey it's not necessary you could just switch to a vitamin that you swallow and you could get away with having a cup of spinach that's probably going to have way more vitamins and minerals and a grain than 

 The powder will anyway um the third Trend that I've seen is walking pad so I think this is the same as last year but this year um I feel like almost everybody that I've worked with has wanted to buy one or maybe has bought one um and I think walking pads are great it's just it's interesting because I still think we're all adjusting to co and I hate to be the one to say that CU I hate when people don't tell me that but I still just see 

 The the implications as far as like heal and weight loss and a big one I think is steps when we work at home it is such it is a way bigger effort to try to get steps in and I think it could be easy to say like well my commute you know used to be 20 30 minutes now I can spend that doing more things but I feel like all that's happened is now we just work more so we have to be very intentional and that can be very hard when you're relying on walking outside or going to 

 The gym and so it seems like a really good backup plan is having the walking pad and I swear this skyrockets a lot of my clients steps if you can get your hands on one I think they're fairly inexpensive for what they are and you could easily just be on Tik Tok you could listen to a podcast you could watch something um and get a lot of steps in and the more steps you get the more calories you burn and that's what helps you to be able to decrease your 

 Weight overall my fourth Trend review is pickle ball so I don't know if is like I feel like I've seen it pop up everywhere I don't know this is the same for everybody maybe it's just because obviously I'm obsessed um but I feel like I totally need to do a whole pickle ball podcast episode so I can just put all my thoughts over there um but I think pickle ball is great I'm going to really recommend like a lot more of my clients to to do it in the quick and 

 Dirty of like why I think pickle ball is great is because I think especially if you're somebody like me who was an ex very competitive athlete um no matter what you did I never did a hand eye any sort of um uh sport I was a runner soccer player but you can transfer a lot of skills from other sports over to pickleball it itches that competitive nature that I miss so much about playing sports and it's so easy to pick up like 

 It's not like a lot of other sports where you have to have a whole bunch of people like playing pickup soccer so intimidating because you have to have a whole bunch of people you only have to have two people really doubles is way better than singles for pickle ball and um just the community around it as well I don't know how to describe it because I didn't know what it was like I played pickle ball for like a whole year before I started figuring out there were these 

 Groups that played pickle ball in my area and then as I've gone to different cities and played pickle ball it's the same across basically the whole us um so typically a pickle ball a city will have some sort of like pickle ball Community whether on like Meetup or group me or even just around a facility and the same people play like pretty much every single day you can mix up with different levels of play and it's still really really fun and hours go by when I get in 

 So much cardio and if you've been following me along for a long time you know that I hate cardio and I always struggled I was a huge Walker and now I don't even walk anymore because I play so much pickle ball during the day um and I think it's great it's something you can do wherever you travel especially as something you can do with a partner if you have a partner who's also competitive or athletic of any kind um it can be great or you don't even 

 Have be I think it's funny that I feel like we stole this support from people who were a lot older like 70 plus but I still get beat by a lot of 70 plus year old so if you're not athletic I think you would love it if you are athletic I think you would love it you can play indoor you can play outdoor like there's literally no excuse of why you could play just go get a rocket and you can play and it'll help you to burn calories and get your 

 Cardio in in a really fun way do you feel like you're tired of trying every new diet out there whenever you're ready to lose weight but you never really find long-term success because it's either too restrictive or just not conducive to your lifestyle well then let me tell you about our 3month lifestyle Reset program this is an individualized weight loss approach where you'll be going through our proven six step method and you'll be led by a 

 Registered dietician by becoming a client of the program you'll be able to learn how to control your weight increase your energy and confidence and also improve your overall well-being not to be dramatic but a lot of clients tell us that they actually change their lives by going through the program and finally find a sustainable weight loss solution when they actually haven't found that with any other program if you are interested in becoming a client sign up 

 For a discovery call on our website the millennial nutritionist. with me Isa Garcia and I'll help match you with one of our registered dietitian coaches based off of your challenges and their nutrition expertise if you're ready to find a sustainable weight weight loss solution in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment I hope you'll connect with us soon my fifth Trend that I have thought about um is I guess like more of a 

 Concept and I think it's around the idea of questioning B BMI slash like how much should you weigh slash like what even is healthy just like this idea that I think for a long time we struggle with Millennials I think specifically uh you know went through the whole really really really thin celebrity phase with like the Hilton and uh The Simpsons and the Olson you know and all of those women that were so small um and now like I think a couple years ago we 

 Came into the body acceptance movement where you know everybody was thinking that it was good to be or we didn't really mean to be have a goal for weight and we can be healthy whatever right but I think now a lot of people are are understanding they need to be somewhere in the middle like we don't need to be super super thin but also as Millennials we're getting to the point where we have the cholesterol we might have hypertention we might have pre-diabetes 

 We're really out of breath we're low energy and so being at a higher weight isn't healthy for us either so what is that though because it cannot be like the weight that I'm at makes me obese and and that's unhealthy right but then what do I aim for if I am trying to lose weight I actually go through all this in a recent podcast episode so I'll link it and encourage you to check that out but just the quick and dirty again is that thank goodness from the weight loss 

 Community at least in The dietitian World we're starting to maybe do something of like needing to pick two different identifiers for weight whether it's weight and weight circumference or weight and your um like body fat percentage or weight and like cardiorespiratory activity rate or whatever so we understand that weight still can dictate your you know the stress that you put on your heart and the stress you put on your bones just 

 Because a heavier person their organs have to work harder to support all that body weight no matter if it's muscle or fat but we do know that there are some nuances as far as it's doesn't we maybe don't always have to be in the healthy BMI range to be healthy so um I would encourage you to go check out that podcast episode but I think it's great and I think these are conversations that we still need to have in 2024 and definitely push back I think against 

 Your providers and find somebody who is going to think about things in a more complex way like that number six is a over curious lifestyle so again I was trying to think of just things that clients have told me or I feel like commonly come up over the past year and I think as a generation it seems like we are moving more into maybe wondering what it's like to not drink at all or even just drink less I've had multiple clients say that 

 They've stopped drinking and then now they want to see if they can lose weight uh while working with me and I think again this is great I think this is a a trend that for sure should continue into 2024 alcohol is a really interesting thing in that I think it has so much history and so much culture and I think it's like one of the oldest things that we consume that has so much history and story behind it I mean there's so much even just like in the Bible that you 

 Know talks about wine and you can go I think to any place you travel to and I personally think it's interesting to learn about the alcohol that they produce and that is customary there and how do they drink it and stuff like that but on the FP side alcohol is a poison a lot of people had to drink it before like a long time ago because water wasn't clean but we're not really in that situation anymore so is there a place for it I think maybe but I do 

 Think that we are encouraged to drink it way too often and in especially in America in excess at one time it C ben jing which is the worst way to drink and I it's great that we're having to think about our relationship with alcohol and is it something that we feel like we have control over how do we feel when we take a break are we able to take a break do we feel the pressure to drink when we're around other people again we did a whole 

 Podcast on this a while back and I we'll probably re-release it in January because people do dry January just talking about the nutritional implications or the nutrition implications of drinking because there are a lot um but yeah again I think continue to have these conversations I don't think you have to be 100% sober to be the healthiest in your life I don't think it's also so good to you know binge drink again there just needs to be 

 That middle ground number seven is protein Bagels this is a really weird one I was trying to think of just like products that I have seen and there's that one specific bagle brand I can't remember which one it is I will like try to put it somewhere um but I I was I was asked this a lot I was trying to think of like what am I just asked by people on the street and that I me and stuff like that when they found out I'm a dietitian and this one came up a lot um 

 As especially when I went to David in his workplace in San Francisco a lot of his co-workers were ask me about it um and the thing I remember when I looked up the ingredients is it's mostly made out of protein powder which is fine I mean we can make things out of not things that are flour I mean heck we have like almond flour and all the nut flour an oat flour we can make so I've had a protein pattern too that's fine um and if it sits well in your stomach 

 Go for it my only I guess thing against it is just you can totally meet your protein intake without having to do all these super high protein supplemented things especially if you're breaking the bank to to get there I probably now should have just added this as a trend like recession core recession Trends um because I I personally feel that it's way food is way more expensive than it used to be um and I don't want you to 

 Think you have to in order to be healthy you have to buy all these like high protein supplemented things you can get it done with a whole chicken you can get it done with eggs you can get it done with milk you can can totally eat like heck a 200 gram protein diet without having to spend a lot of money on protein supplements if money's on issue for you and you love these Bagels I don't think there's anything wrong with you going eating them so go for it uh 

 Number eight is the trend of reverse dieting I think that I've been asked this quite a bit this year I know for sure last year um but I think I've gotten a lot more questions about this like on Instagram um is I to me it's not anything super new but I think the only thing is that so many people think reverse dieting is the answer to why they're not losing weight and I was having this conversation I 

 Believe with Coach Hannah um and we were saying we wish that was the answer we wish that's the reason why some people are having a really hard time losing weight but this is this phenomenon is the least studied and the least like very low information is out there about this I think a lot of it is hearsay or a lot of it is just like it feels better to reverse diet there is definitely a place for it and I think it is a thing but not for the amount of people that 

 Think it's for them for example I think this comes to us from the bodybuilding world or like the athletic world when you are strategically focusing on changing your body composition decreasing calories to try to get rid of all the body fat you can and you decrease your metabolism in the process but you also just decrease your metabolism when you're at a lower body weight so then this population will like double and triple their calories AKA 

 Reverse diet to increase their metabolism and then just kind of like restart the whole thing again so if you're not at a super low body weight I don't think that a reverse diet is going to do much for you because that phenomenon isn't going on I just say this because I have a lot of clients well I have some clients that will ask me like after they've only lost five pounds if it's time to do a reverse diet when they're still in an obese BMI and 

 That's just not a Time time to do a reverse diet you might need to do a reverse diet if you are at a very low body weight um but this would also just be eating the appropriate amount for your body um I was personally you know trying to lose weight over this past year and I hit the lowest that I've hit I think like since college and then I got really into pickle ball and said now I'm more so eating for athletic performance and have more than doubled 

 The calories that I'm eating um and it's not a reverse diet it's just because I'm exercising I'm doing a lot more cardio exercising a lot more uh it has it increased my metabolism I don't really know but uh all that to say I think that if you want to do a reverse diet you can go for it see what it's like but you likely will gain weight when you do this and that's a you know a part of it if you truly are trying to reverse diet but it's likely 

 Not the answer to why you're not losing weight number nine is reformer Pat so I was trying to think of anything for an exercise Trend that I can think of I don't really feel like anything new come about but I do feel like I've seen a lot more people do reformer pilates including myself so may that's why I added it on here I went through a phase a couple of months ago I think in the Summer where I was doing reform Poes with a friend and I've done it before 

 I'm not a group class person so personally like I don't like perform ples but I don't like group anything just because sometimes I want to be done with an exercise and I don't want to be told have to keep doing it um however this is the only caveat that me and other exercise trainers and even physical therapist therapists have said to um the caveat to strength training for group classes or like Pates group classes because oftentimes Pilates by 

 Itself like old school Pilates doesn't put enough stress on your muscles or allow you to increase weights progressively to the point where we could truly call it strength training it's maybe just like a good work out but if you can do like 20 30 5B little reps of something you need to go up up and try to not do 30 pound 30 rips of something but reform of Pates is the like I said the difference for the caveat because they have the resistance 

 Springs that you could go up on if you feel like it's not enough it's just that some of the old school Pilates movements don't even really allow you to increase weight if it's just a bunch of different variations of like sit-ups and crunches and and all those things so we love aform of Pilates I think it's great if that is the way that you incre you work on your strength training go for it you could totally get that done again just make sure you are increasing that 

 Resistance on the U machine with the spring uh this is a great thing you could get into doing if you haven't already in 2024 last Trend I was on nine and I was like I have to think of a tth one and chat gbt so I don't know if it's necessarily a wellness Trend yet when I went to my nutritional professional conference I um went to a AI or I guess I should make this like even just like AI um for a trend I went to an AI talk and they did talk about how there's 

 Honestly nothing right now for dietitians or nutrition anything with AI and which is crazy part of me was like dang maybe I need to create a business with it but I don't want to make another business but um I have used it for clients um right now I use it when I get a new client I'll make you a three-day meal plan inspiration I thought about even potentially making more for people if that's something you're interested you can email me because I used to hate 

 Making meal plans because they take a freaking long time but with cha gbt it's super easy however if you make the meal plan I would be wey because there are times when I put in things chat gbt like give me a meal plan with like very specific things like the calories the macros I want the amount of fruits and vegetables the snacks if you're dairyfree Glen free whatever and it will spit out in a th calorie diet it won't tell me but because I can look and kind 

 Of add up in my head how many calories something is I'll ask it how many calories is this and it'll tell me it's 1,000 calories and then I'm like what the heck I tell it to fix it until it and normally honestly it takes me like I feel like eight runthrough of prompting the machine until it gets it right but that's something that I can utilize for clients so I think it definitely makes me a better dietitian and I'm trying to stay on Trend to you know continue that 

 But I've had other clients um ingenuously like put in jaat gbt hey I'm at Taco Bell what's the lowest calor option I can get here and I think that's an amazing way for you to use it if you want to the free version works great for this you could go and you know honestly anywhere you're going ask it to give you a lowest calorie something off of the menu or even like I haven't used it for Starbucks that but that might be something you could use for Starbucks 

 Like hey what's a way to make this you know a peppermint mocha cold foam cold brew lower calorie and it might give you you know some recommendations to ask for so I'm very Pro trying to stay up with all the modern technology especially if it can help you so I think this is a great Trend and we should definitely keep it up as long as you're not trusting it all the way with all of your meal plans and asking it to make your Macros and calories and stuff like that 

 I think that you should still trust a dietician for but once you get that information you could totally put it into chat gbt or something like that those are all my trends for 2024 I always love making oh 2023 um I always love making these episodes uh so I'll probably just continue to make them at the end of every year but if you're watching this on YouTube please make sure to like and subscribe if you're listening to us on Spotify or apple 

 Please make sure to rate US because it really helps us boost their visibility because weight loss is such a popular space for people to be in um take care guys bye