I Ate the PERFECT DIET for a Week | did I lose weight? | calories, macros, recipes + more

The what I eat in a day era this is what I eat let's films I always have my Greens on an empty stomach and I'm a registered dietitian and how eating mostly Whole Foods I've lost 40 pounds over the last 100 pounds the most amount of weight so the question is what is the perfect diet to find out I read over 40 articles filled with research backed 

 Recommendations advice and meal plans made by dozens of dietitians from random websites claiming they had the answer and what I found was someone told them eat this and someone else told them to eat the opposite food and half the time they were just saying nonsense so to the best of my abilities I condensed it into the ultimate perfect diet I actually split this week up into seven different perfect diets the perfect diet is out there but not in the 

 Way you think it is one study fed over a thousand healthy people identical meals for two weeks and then measured their metabolic responses and all the results were really different meaning that a healthy diet for one person can be unhealthy for another even identical twins showed really different responses to the same meal state does exist then we haven't yet found because we've been asking the wrong question because it assumes that the best diet depends only 

 On the food and not on the person eating it what if our nutrition needs to be personally tailored to our unique makeup what makes up a healthy diet plan depends on who's eating it their genetics their lifestyle their microbiome their immune system and so much more your perfect diet shouldn't just keep you alive it should help you thrive and what I need to thrive and what you need to thrive and what Sadiq needs to thrive 

 Is all very different so that's why I'm rating the Perfection using the Linda scale in order to find you're perfect you just gotta start eating when you Google the perfect diet you'll be bombarded with a tsunami of meal plans seven day one month for men for women I just chose a random Seven Day meal plan by medical News Daily and we're starting off with this incredibly Bland yogurt breakfast I'm not gonna lie this is a pretty sad bowl of yogurt this 

 Is not normal for me I usually add chocolate chips nut Butters more fruit more than like two tablespoons of yogurt I'm gonna stop complaining this was a perfect breakfast I would have seven more strawberries I'm just not a plain yogurt type of girl I will never understand who decides that these exact measurements a meals constitute the perfect diet but you know I'm not complaining because I love a good peanut butter banana rice cake moment for lunch 

 They said turkey avocado toast well I've never had the desire to top my own avocado toast with turkey it's kind of Genius it was really good and I have to say that drizzle of olive oil really elevated this toast experience and I will always cherish my Lonnie new protein bars but those websites at homemade so we're home making probably the simplest four ingredient protein bar recipe ever and it took me two minutes so I think store-bought protein bars 

 Should be a little worried because they have some pretty tough competition and you best believe that I cried a couple happy tears seeing that dinner was peanut butter chicken I was expecting websites like this to have the plainest driest boringest chicken breasts and broccoli for dinner but maybe this is fate or something because if I was a chicken dish this would be me so I'm not counting macros the 50 carbs 30 fat 20 protein an article posted by Harvard 

 Health actually said there's no magic ratio for these three macronutrients as long as you are avoiding Extremes in fact a number of recent Studies have found that the quality of food you eat emphasizing Whole Foods over processed foods is so much more important than whether it's low fat low carb or somewhere in between peanut butter sweet potato and peanut butter overall I was pleasantly surprised by 

 Today I was full and satisfied and even got my peanut butter fixing only thing I'd add would be dessert there we go now perfect I mean if you're gonna follow anyone's diet it might as well be a dietitians so I read a lot of Articles and watched a lot of videos and dietitians are just like normal people that love the words protein fiber nuts healthy fats filling and water and I'm honored to announce that the overall most mentioned breakfast is oatmeal some 

 Other recurring points include having a meal or snack every three to four hours combining protein and fiber at every meal moving around and drinking water often eating balanced meals with protein carbohydrates and healthy fats and we love nuts experts agree a higher protein breakfast is the way to go ideally between 20 to 30 grams of protein there's nothing I love more than every single website recommending oatmeal for breakfast they're making me feel really 

 Good about myself because this is literally what I eat every day anyway I'm so happy to say that every article I read was against only drinking coffee for breakfast hey diet culture we're making progress I said Mac can you make me some nuts she made a of nuts and something every dietitian has in common between breakfast and lunch is that there will always be nuts in their hands for lunch they recommended adding as many colored 

 Greens as possible and choosing whole grains and eating protein a lot ate salad or sandwiches and I'm not a sandwich girl but I saw one of my favorite dietitians eat a tofu rice bowl for lunch remember food is meant to be enjoyed so don't torture yourself into eating a kale salad for lunch if you hate kale there's so many other ways to get in Your Greens and nutrients and if you're just craving some takeout nothing else will do eat the takeout and enjoy 

 Every beautiful bite dietitians are also the biggest fans of Greek yogurt and I don't blame them seriously maybe one of the most amazing foods for your health such a good source of protein contains probiotics for your gut health calcium for your bone health and it's just yummy she's just the full package I'm making breakfast for dinner The dietitian is that she always eats ice cream not low calorie not low fat or fake banana and ice cream only real ice cream makes her 

 Feel satisfied I really appreciate how so many dietitians share what they eat because it shows us there's no reason why you're healthy needs to look like theirs health is meant to look different on all of us so while I'm eating the perfect week of eats I thought I might as well do the perfect week of workouts too by the way all the workout clothes I'm wearing in this video are by Yvette Sports the American College of sports medicine recommends adults get 150 

 Minutes of moderate intensity physical activity and at least two days of muscle strengthening activity I personally get a little bit more than that just from walking my dog and my Caroline Gervin Obsession while every website recommended a different workout split or routine every website also did say do what makes sense for you The Perfect Workout week depends on your goals your Fitness level age how much time you have energy levels how much rest and Recovery 

 You need and what you like because ultimately the best workout routine is one that you can sustain personally I've done at home workouts for over 10 years and I love it from strength to hit to Pilates to yoga and I never like to work out the same muscle groups the day right after over the years my reason for working out has shifted from focusing on only my appearance to focusing on my mental and physical health strength how good it feels to work on myself and take 

 Care of my body but feeling cute and comfortable during my workouts is also really important to me not by changing how my body looks but I find need the right clothes for my body tight so during Monday's strength training I wear these high-waisted yoga leggings from Yvette and these are the softest leggings I own they're squat test proof and just slide on like butter and almost feels like I'm not wearing pants which I enjoy a little bit too much and I feel 

 Like everyone needs a go-to black sports bra this one's a crisscross padded yoga bra I love the simple v-neck in the front and the mesh crisscross straps in the back and all my sports bras are light support because well there's not much to support if I'm gonna be honest Tuesday was a little high intensity and civil training day and I prefer shorts for super sweaty jumpy days so I wore these sculpt mesh two in one running shorts also great for running if you're 

 A runner but I don't willingly partake in that activity but if I did I would wear these love the elastic waistband and the built-in liner and the overall just fit perfectly cover is enough but not too much Wednesday was an upper body strength day with a cute ab workout I used to never work out my arms I don't know what possessed me probably social media and toxic beauty standards but I'm telling you I've never felt as powerful or indestructible or badass than on arm 

 Day Thursday was an active rest day now I know everyone has a different definition of perfect but it doesn't matter who you are a perfect workout routine is not perfect without some type of rest I didn't believe this for years and maybe that's why I stopped seeing progress in my strength after all your hard work your muscles need some space and time to grow and recover anyways this white tank is a little see-through and has a cut in the back and I just 

 Love how loose and Airy it is I've recently been traveling through southeast Asia which is boiling hot and I have not taken this top off the entire time accompanying me on this leg day is the shift crisscross cozy padded yoga bra it's a little bit more compressive but still let's move freely and leg days always turn me into a droopy sweaty mess and while I wouldn't have it any other way I do appreciate how well this tank absorbs my beautiful grossness for 

 Saturday's strength pit workout I wore this super cute light sagey green padded yoga bra the cut and the color of this is just perfect and that concludes my week of workouts and workout fits and Yvette has kind of given me some discount codes to give to you guys that you can find in my description box to save some money now back to the food while I was browsing through these perfect diet plans not once did I see any meals that I eat in my Chinese 

 Household obviously I'm not surprised but I thought perfect day of cultural eats was necessary and even though I'm definitely not a savory breakfast girl this was comforting on every level at first I was confused why I couldn't think of any Chinese snacks for this video but that's because growing up we would just eat fruits and nuts and seeds or hard-boiled eggs or yogurt and even now I'll see my parents just grab a little handful of nuts when they're 

 Hungry throughout the day what do you know we're eating perfectly without even trying remember yeah [Music] now this is so fun Ramen was a staple in my household growing up and it's got a pretty bad rep over the years for how processed and high sodium it is but there are so many ways we can add to these lovely noodles to create a more 

 Satisfying filling and even more delicious meal out of it to be honest this is how I grew up eating Ramen my mom loved adding whatever veggies we had in the fridge which adds fiber and great nutrients and we'd always crack in an egg ah the eggs are perfect sometimes too if you were feeling eggy that day which added some protein [Music] I think it tastes better with a vegetables though 

 If you didn't know I grew up in Canada so obviously I learned about nutrition and health through a very westernized lens not healthy only looked like palm-sized grilled chicken breast one cup of milk and six servings of vegetables we were handed canned as food guide but nowhere on the food guide could I find dumplings or tomato and egg or kanji I slowly stopped eating my mom's cooking because I wanted both my lunchbox and my body to resemble the 

 Kids around me fitting in and being healthy meant packing different foods and unpacking my culture I've learned that embracing my culture having a good relationship with all foods going out to Chinese social events and being proud of what makes me different is completely totally perfectly healthy hmm I know it tastes really good sorry it's so yummy unfortunately most of the website they 

 Read weren't fans of dessert but they did say if you had to have dessert which I always do it to be high protein or some type of fruit which is perfect because from my personal experience a classic Chinese post dinner dessert is a bunch of cut up fruits shout out mother son saving money and eating healthy don't have to be mutually exclusive we can still have a perfect diet and not break the bank so here are some of my favorite perfect budget eats oat fuel is 

 The best fuel and a cheap fuel too I swear it's just the most superior food it's yummy good for you feeling versatile you can eat a baked Blended fridge stove topped microwave to taste good with every fruit and nut butter just found these bowls and they're literally the perfect size I've been looking for these everywhere Costco it's just like the perfect depth and the perfect width I will never not be shocked when I'm checking out at the 

 Grocery store and it says my bundle of 10 bananas is only 1.50 so I highly recommend mixing together some bananas oats and peanut butter and maybe some protein powder and chocolate if you're feeling bougie and make yourself some healthy 18 Cent cookies that can be a snack or breakfast or even dessert other simple money saving tips include legumes like beans and lentils eggs tofu canned fish are cheaper but still yummy protein choices always freeze your bread 

 Because bread lives forever in the freezer no this is so fun lunch is in my opinion the worst meal of the day it's usually why I eat breakfast foods during it every dietitian loves edamame's that's what I've realized some creative meals with things in your pantry you'll be shocked by how many still edible things you'll find always choose the in-season fruit and veggies or eat the Frozen fruits and veggies like these edamame 

 Cheap quick and high in protein suspiciously good the best things in life can't be bought with money well maybe just a little bit of money rice is cheap and so meal preppable fried rice is the ultimate cheap quickie lazy comforting meal for me and great for using up leftovers you basically toss in your protein which is usually eggs for us or any proteins we have left over we love adding a bunch of veggies from frozen edamame's broccoli 

 Corn to that shriffled up Pepper or wilted cabbage just chop it all up toss it in a pan add soy sauce salt pepper boom dinner we've established our cheat best friend today our bananas these air fried bananas have been popping off on social media lately I've seen this everywhere looks kind of sketchy and all you have to do is fill it up and air fry and with a little scoop of ice cream it's the perfect warm and gooey dessert please everyone leave your budget meal 

 Tips and recipes in the comments and help one another save some money I have this soft spot for vegan food so welcome to a perfect day of vegan eats pancakes kind of nervous really just winging this not even measuring anything let's start off by giving tofu a big shout out it's a great source of protein fiber vitamins and minerals and it can just transform into so much guys you can even turn into a pancake I was a tiny bit nervous about this one 

 But tofu really has never let me down flat tape that's slays it has like an accentuated chewy Factor who needs eggs my protein pancakes are good okay they're good these are better they're really good when I used to think vegan I used to think salad and then I would get sad but I have just never done salad properly when you really think about it the possibilities are kind of endless so many flavors and textures and 

 Add in the dressings you can make it creamy or vinegary or fruity or nutty they also come in every color so let's stop the salad stigma at ordering a salad automatically means you want to lose weight or you're on a diet that has to be Bland and boring the fast food shaming is now okay then neither is salad shaming but I am a little ashamed that this is my first time trying the viral Jennifer Aniston salad I think that's really good that's good yeah 

 Our high protein and fiber snack for the day is chia seed pudding now chia seeds are like this magical little seed that gets jelly and thick when soaked in liquids and people like to make these puddings out of them which is one of my least favorite foods in the world the texture just but this one was kind of good man I just can't get over the texture I can't do that the peanut butter makes it tolerable but 

 I think I'm just eating peanut butter so another reason I'm doing so many different diet themes is because to my core I believe not only does the perfect diet range from person to person but also day to day I am all of these days and all of these diets every day is going to be different and different doesn't have to mean imperfect my perfect diet is one without rules and lists and measurements it's measured instead with how satisfied my Cravings 

 Are and how full I feel how much energy I have and I will never stick to the recommended serving sizes because how do they know how much peanut butter my body needs and not every day is going to be high in protein and I have multiple servings of veggies and that's perfectly okay you live and you learn never use soft tofu still yummy it's just the wrong texture and they demolish that and picking the wrong tofu is also perfectly okay I've 

 Learned my lesson I will not do it again food with some pistachios I've actually been seeing this a lot recently eating and working out based on your cycle phase each phase comes with different hormonal effects on the body and of course different dietary recommendations I've never considered eating hormone balancing Foods so this was actually a very exciting and educational day for me starting off with flax seeds they are rich in Omega-3s which can have 

 Anti-inflammatory effects which helps reduce period pain there's also this popular Trend in the wellness space called seed cycling I don't want to get into all that here but yes we are fans of the flaxseed we also love berries because berries contain antioxidants vitamins and minerals that can help manage inflammation and provide period pain relief I have like mixed feelings about flax seeds I think every time I buy them they just expire and go bad 

 Because there's this like sour taste to them so hopefully I drench this with enough maple syrup that it doesn't taste like I have masked a sour flavor the bananas are so sweet the pancakes are so fluffy next on our menu we are making dark chocolate covered apples now dark chocolate is rich in magnesium which apparently may help reduce okay we are sprinkling on some pomegranate which are also our friends during this time and pumpkin seeds which contain zinc and 

 Vitamin E and selenium and a lot of other good stuff that have been proven to help us with cramping too hot pumpkin soup I stole the idea from someone else I'm not this creative foreign a lot of resources had to load up on calcium and that yogurt is one of the best things to eat on your period currently in a study they found that calcium can decrease PMS symptoms and it was found to help with water retention 

 And bloating too so fluffy you are so rude I also read that healthy fats like avocado fatty fish and my favorite nut Butters are also great during this time [Music] a beautiful beautiful mess I'm gonna keep eating but I just wanted to chat about why this week wasn't completely useless because well there is no perfect diet there are better diets it doesn't 

 Mean Less Foods actually means finding ways to add more food some protein to your oats some fruit to your cereal some veggies to your lunch I got salmon juices all over my sweater you might as well just try it out because it might make a positive difference in how the food you're eating makes you feel I think I did see a lot were websites calling certain foods and food groups bad and I think we just have to forgive them because we know they mean well and 

 We know there is no good or bad it's never about restricting cutting out food groups so when they say bad redefine badge changing your side won't change anything the donut or the cookie or the late night chocolate isn't bad obsessing over food and feeling out of control around food in my opinion that's what's bad a perfect day beets can be a sweet one too of course I don't mean like Oreos and donuts for every meal but here's some of my favorite recipes that 

 Help me nourish both my body and my sweet tooth I swear oatmeal is just a gift to this world especially a gift for sweet lovers like myself I've made oatmeal donuts and brownies cakes banana breads but today we are making an oatmeal breakfast huge raw piece of meat in the air fryer it wasn't even on dude has it but I love adding it on the side of some vanilla Greek yogurt lots of berries from a protein and fiber and 

 Of course sweetness perfect every time Sweet Tooth healthy to keep the Sweet Tooth happy before lunch I always have little sweet snacks lying around like this protein cookie dough it stores perfectly in the fridge and it satisfies my peanut butter tooth too the perfect diet for you is for you to figure out not for you to read on some random website and that's what's beautiful about food and nutrition there isn't one way to do it right it's the spot I'm 

 Like way too hyped for the salad whenever I have like a sweet tooth I love tahini salads with like dried fruit we all live such different lives come from different backgrounds and like different things of course our plates will look different too you have to include your favorite home-cooked meals the breakfast you can't live without the right amount of peanut butter for you enough fiber to keep things moving enough carbs to keep you moving protein 

 To keep you full desserts to keep you happy new foods to keep life fun this doesn't mean completely overlooked portions and macros and mindlessly eat but we can take care of our bodies without food rules and listen to our Cravings without Googling if we're allowed to first we can eat all our favorite foods and have a balanced diet we can exist with both salads and ice cream we can all be eating different things and still be eating perfectly 

 [Music] [Music] good things take time which is why the perfect diet is gonna take you a lifetime not a Google search not a 60-second quiz not listening to an influencer who doesn't actually know how your specific Body Works dietitians can guide you sure help you plan more balanced meals but only you live in the body that's being fed and as your body continues to change for the rest of your 

 Life so will your diet bananas are warm and sweet and soft with the cinnamon from the peanut butter like crisps and caramelizes and it like melts in your mouth you take one thing away from this video you need to take your time to experiment with different foods see what excites your taste buds what makes you feel groggy or stomach and comfy or find the food that make you feel Unstoppable or the ones you just can't live without make the meal plans and recipes your own 

 Because it's not about following the perfect diet plan it's about creating your own.